Kelly Hoppen signs a collection of wallpapers

Kelly Hoppen signs a collection of wallpapers

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If Graham & Brown is undoubtedly a master in wallpaper, Kelly Hoppen is undoubtedly one of the most talented decorators. It did not take much more for it to join the English brand for a collection of wallpapers with eight complementary designs available in more than 40 combinations of colors and shapes. Presentation.

Hicks in burnt orange and gold

Graham & Brown If the decorator is a fan of neutral colors, she can also play with more contrasting colors. Here, she combines black, gold and orange for a very graphic pattern with ethnic accents while finesse.

Hicks in taupe & charcoal

Graham & Brown If the ethnic atmosphere does not tempt you, you can find the Hicks wallpaper in softer colors which combine almost gray taupe with dark blue medallions. The atmosphere becomes more cozy with an enveloping and distinguished pattern.

Rose in red & black

Graham & Brown Once again the decorator uses contrasts to create a feminine and passionate wallpaper. Red flowers then bloom on a black background to create a warm and glamorous atmosphere that will be particularly appreciated in a room.

Rose in gold & taupe

Graham & Brown And if you prefer your bedroom to be softly decorated to create a soothing atmosphere conducive to sleep, you will prefer the Pink wallpaper in a shades of taupe where slightly golden parts highlight the motif. More feminine, this wallpaper is borrowed from romanticism.

Tattoo in orchid charcoal

Graham & Brown The decorator skilfully mixes baroque and tribal inspirations to create a very graphic motif like a tattoo that settles on the wall surface. In black on a white background, the contrast does not fail to add a bold graphic style.

Vintage flock in black

Graham & Brown Still taking inspiration from baroque patterns, Kelly Hoppen offers a wallpaper loaded with patterns. To modernize it and offer it a less charged appearance, she chooses to use the pattern in tone on tone. The atmosphere will be elegant and black will not fail to highlight the objects that will settle on your wall.

Vintage flock in grape

Graham & Brown This wallpaper with baroque accents is also found in a lighter and feminine color. Purple, almost grape, offers an elegant and warm decoration that we would particularly appreciate for a boudoir style in a bedroom or living room.

Vintage flock in pure white

Graham & Brown Finally, if you want a bright wallpaper that still gives pride of place to the motif, opt for the Vintage flock wallpaper in a tone on tone of white. This model can then be installed in a classic interior as well as in a more contemporary style room.