Recreate a charming room at home

Recreate a charming room at home

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When temperatures drop, the urge to take refuge in your room comes up. And to feel good, nothing like a charmingly decorated room that transports you to a guest house in the countryside to stroll with a good hot chocolate. Prepare your hot drink because we help you recreate this charming atmosphere at home!

Shopping: Character parquet

Saint Maclou To plant the decor of your room if it does not already have a little potential, review the floor covering. Then opt for a character parquet or simply choose a vinyl imitation if you do not want to cause heavy work.

Shopping: Wallpaper for the walls

Koziel If you are lucky enough to have a paneling piece, paint it white to give a lighter atmosphere. If your walls are more classic, trick with imitation wood wallpaper that will add charm to the room.

Shopping: A bedside table of yesteryear

Maisons du monde For your bedside table, there is no question of opting for a modern model. You can therefore choose to hunt your bedside or opt for a large brand furniture already patinated to appear not to date from yesterday.

Shopping: Small mismatched furniture

Maisons du monde On the other side of the bed, we play the mismatched card by adopting a small different bedside table but also in an old and patinated version.

Shopping: A bed canopy for romance

Maisons du monde To plant the romantic and charming decor of the room, the canopy will be a centerpiece of the decor. We adopt a light veil that settles above the bed to frame it and make it a real cocoon.

Shopping: Flower bed linen

Linvosges To refine the romantic atmosphere, we adopt a floral bed linen which will give the feminine touch to the room and bring it the softness of which we dream.

Shopping: Cushions for comfort

Manuel Canovas And because the style of charm is also a matter of comfort, we put on a few extra cushions to place on the bed for moments of absolute relaxation.

Shopping: Fabric blinds

Heytens To filter the light in the room, we put aside the traditional curtains in favor of fabric blinds which will give a more delicate atmosphere. Choose light tones so as not to darken.

Shopping: Candles for the atmosphere

Smart Candle Finally, after dark, we have a few candles on a bedside table to give a warm and enveloping atmosphere.