10 decorative patterns to follow closely in the teenage bedroom

10 decorative patterns to follow closely in the teenage bedroom

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In decoration as in life, a sacred divide separates childhood from adolescence. And for good reason: between 10 and 12 years, tastes evolve, the style changes. We quickly swapped the poetic patterns for trendy and hyper stylized patterns, of which here is our top 10.

Numbered patterns

Goal ### As soon as the numbers have left the school world, teens want more. Listed long, wide and across, a series of numbers arrives in their room to establish a little loft side, very trendy.

Polka dot pattern

Goal ### Long live the big and small peas! Their girly side has not finished settling in the girls' room to revitalize the atmosphere…

Union Jack pattern

Goal ### The British flag is popular among young people. With him, the room flies to London for a pop rendering that will delight him.

Fashion patterns

Castorama ### Because the first shopping sprees between friends start in adolescence, we let the world of fashion inspire decorative fashion patterns (handbag, boots, gloves, jewelry…), necessarily very trends.

Pixelated pattern

Fly ### The new generations of teenagers share a taste for computers and digital technology. What good reasons to adopt the pixelated pattern in their decor!

Skull motif

Fly ### One of the favorite motif of teenagers, in fashion as in decoration, is the skull or "skull" if we stick to its English name. Sensitive souls refrain.

Arty pattern

Ikea ### Teenagers who have artistic flair will not say the opposite: the arty patterns, hand-painted stripes, paint stains or line drawings are excellent accomplices to personalize the room with style.

Star pattern

La Redoute ### At an age when you are constantly staring at the stars, the starry look tends to take over the dressing room and decor for a poetically stylized look!

Smiley pattern

La Redoute ### The favorite emoticon for teens comes out of the "computer screen" context to make their bedroom decor smile and make it look good.