Terraces and gardens: the lighting creates the ambiance

Terraces and gardens: the lighting creates the ambiance

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In summer, summer days may extend until around 10 p.m., we have only one desire: to enjoy them again and again! Make way for the bright ideas that allow us to see clearly in the dark, but above all, to create a magical atmosphere on the terrace, in your green space and by your pool.

Bucolic lanterns

Habitat If you want to create a cocooning atmosphere in the garden, opt for lanterns of different sizes, shapes and colors. You can install them as well on the ground as on a garden table or on a staircase. Price: from 12.80 to 47 euros

A small garland for a tavern style

Ikea Reproducing a tavern style at home is possible! The proof, this Solvinden light garland and its small paper lanterns immediately have their little effect. Hang it over a dining table Price: 5 euros for 12 lanterns

An animal is hiding in your garden!

Jardiland If you don't have the exposed wires and the outdoor lamps that clash with the decor, the Jardiland brand has thought of everything. This heron-shaped solar beacon (Héron reference) can be installed in greenery or on the edge of a pond. Price: 39.90 euros

Choose a design floor lamp

New Garden / Delamaison In this garden furniture, the Lola floor lamp by New Garden (on sale at gives a very modern style to a terrace. It allows you to combine all types of furniture and decorative accessories. Price: 199.90 euros

Install light structures

Leroy Merlin To light a path or delineate your garden, these refined installations (reference Potelet Castle) are ideal and create a nice halo of light on the ground. Install them on your lawn or directly along a gravel path for example. Price: 69.90 euros each

Lighting your staircase with LEDs

Castorama Outdoor lighting is not only used to illuminate your garden. It can also secure your space and prevent a bad fall, especially if you have children. These Blooma Bilis recessed spots with integrated LED bulbs are installed vertically, on the steps of a staircase for example. Price: 59.95 euros for ten spots

Luminaires to be placed on the ground

Ikea To recreate different lighting according to your desires, adopt these removable lights (Solvinden reference) that you can place wherever you want and easily remove them when you go to bed. Price: 7.99 euros each

An original lamp

La Hacienda / Delamaison Here is a model that may appeal to your children! This steel lantern House is shaped like a house. It accommodates a more or less large candle and brings a little poetry to your terrace. Price: 79.90 euros the set of three

When the pool lights up

Leroy Merlin If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your garden, it would be a shame not to show it off after dark. Install these light cubes (Cuby reference) around the edge of your pool, designed for outdoor use. Price: 59.90 euros each

A rechargeable lantern

Lexon It is an ideal luminaire if you are not used to using your garden regularly in the evening. This Clover lantern, designed by Ionna Vautrin, hangs or attaches very easily. It has a rechargeable battery that resists rain and pretty pop colors. Price: 29 or 39 euros

Transport your light source

Castorama In a large garden or in auxiliary lighting, this lamp proves to be extremely practical. This light lamp (reference Liberty) is autonomous and exists in different colors. Price: 49.95 euros

Create a romantic atmosphere

Manutti Do you want to have a romantic dinner or receive your friends in an exotic setting? There is nothing like candles by the pool! The flame of models placed in these candle holders (Flame reference) will be reflected on the water before the sun goes down. Price: from 330 to 655 euros depending on the models

Hide the light

Jardiland In a tree or an abundant shrub, do not hesitate to integrate a garland of the same shade. This Maisons model is made of polywood (i.e. compressed wood) to better hide in the branches. This will give you an interior lighted garden and a relaxing atmosphere. Price: 12 euros

Paper lanterns for a country atmosphere

Ikea Notice to lovers of barbecue evenings and dining under the stars! These Solvinden light garlands will give a rustic and festive spirit to your terrace. The yellow lighting also warms up a garden or dark outdoor furniture. Price: 5 euros for a set of twelve white globes for the garland

Plant a solar torch in your garden

Galix / Delamaison It doesn't look like that but these torches work thanks to the brightness they have stored in broad daylight. Made of natural bamboo, they diffuse this light into shrubs or along an alley. Price: 33.80 the set of two

Fix lighting on a wall

Leroy Merlin To properly light a garden, the lighting must also be placed high. Attach this Switch wall light to a wall or facade to diffuse the light further, at a lower cost. Price: 7.99 euros

Embedding spots on the ground

Castorama Here is an effective and almost invisible technique by day. These recessed outdoor spots (Ureki reference) are made of stainless steel with integrated LED lighting. Efficient and easy to install, they can punctuate an aisle or light up the recesses of a terrace. Price: 29.95 euros each

Lighting a dining table

Ikea If you mainly use your outdoor space for dining outside in summer, these Solvinden lanterns are perfect for lighting your garden table. The advantage? They are eco-friendly since they work with solar energy and LED bulbs. Price: 7.99 euros for the small model and 9.99 euros for the large one

A tealight holder to carry everywhere

Leroy Merlin Practical and design, this portable Jakarta tealight holder can be installed anywhere, whether to light a reading corner, a dining table or around a swimming pool. It runs on solar energy for six hours. Price: 24.90 euros