The RBC Design Center opens its doors in Montpellier!

The RBC Design Center opens its doors in Montpellier!

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The ** RBC DESIGN CENTER ** opened its doors on ** June 26, 2012 ** in the heart of the new Montpellier. This ** 2,000 m2 ** concept store was created by ** Frank Argentin ** and designed by ** Jean Nouvel ** with the aim of inspiring today's architects and decorators. It celebrates by its form and its content the culture of design itself. Today it is one of the most important European concept stores!

A spotlight by Yann Kersalé

Erick Saillet ### When night falls, the RBC Design Center continues to sublimely illuminate the city of Montpellier. Yann Kersalé, light plastic artist, reveals the architectural work in a constantly changing aspect. We can contemplate a surface of expression that is both mysterious, poetic and captivating ...

Lighting above all

Erick Saillet ### For the creator of the *** RBC Design Center *** ** Frank Argentin **, putting light in a space remains essential. First of all, because it offers a feeling of comfort and of aesthetics to the room. Second, because it has a direct influence on the way we live and work. The best brands of lighting are presented to you under 6 meters in height: *** Artemide ***, *** Belux ***, *** Flos ***, ** Foscarin ** i, ** Luce Plan * *, *** Moooi ***.

A large terrace in tune with the times

Erick Saillet ### The duo Frank Argentin and Jean Nouvel are keen to establish well-being in their concept store. For the large outdoor terrace, they favor furniture in warm and natural colors such as dark brown, beige and brown. Tones that invite you to dream and relax ...

Space contractt

Erick Saillet ### In the *** contract *** space, the director ** Frank Argentin ** and the architect ** Jean Nouvel ** have selected the best of yesterday and today design . At first glance, one can perceive a great diversity of chairs which exhibits a quality, contemporary and successful layout.

Design outdoor furniture

Erick Saillet ### On the terrace, we wear new outdoor creations defending the price of comfort, pleasure and refinement. During a visit, we share a cultural phenomenon and above all an art of living!

A zen and atypical style lounge area

Erick Saillet ### This scenography set stages an original universe with its white mesh with multiple shapes and its golden pendant lights. It is also distinguished by its furniture in plant colors. Discover the talent of today's great creators but also the classic of the 20th century.

The kitchen terrace

Erick Saillet ### The RBC Design Center kitchen opens onto a magnificent terrace overlooking the graphic gardens of the new district of Montpellier, Port Marianne. An exterior design that is both sober and sought after by the choice of white and light wood furniture.

A clean house space

Erick Saillet ### For this room in the house of the concept store, the designer ** Jean Nouvel ** imagined an elegant and refined interior which brings to rest, relaxation and conviviality. He sublimates it by choosing the most beautiful pieces of design from internationally recognized brands like *** Allias ***, *** Arper ***, *** B&B Italia ***, *** Cappellini ***, *** Poltrona Frau ***, *** Vitra ***, *** Bene ***, *** Fontana ***, *** Magis ***, *** Cassina *** and more many others.

The light work of Yann Kersalé

Erick Saillet ### Yann Kersalé is an artist who likes to work with light, especially at night. His talent ? It sets spaces and buildings in motion while brilliantly animating the contemporary city.


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