Portable lamps for all rooms

Portable lamps for all rooms

Practical and very decorative, the portable lamp invests all the rooms of the house. Inspired by the site lamp, it is revisited to adapt to all styles. Industrial, design or even bohemian, it comes in a thousand ways to the delight of our interiors.

A designer lamp

Archiexpo To give a modern side to the room, we dare very designer portable lamps. This model revisited with a wooden square accompanies sleek and contemporary furniture.

On the balcony

Thank you The advantage with the portable lamp is that it can be installed everywhere, even outdoors. Ideal for a private dinner on the balcony at the arrival of sunny days, we choose a model with clip that is fixed on the ledge above the table.

In the child's room

Les Petits Bohèmes To create a unique atmosphere in your toddler's room, bet on a multitude of portable lamps hung everywhere. Choose different models with colored threads to maintain a childlike spirit.

In the living room

Emilie sans chichi Attached to a shelf above the sofa, the portable lamp becomes a point of light for a reading corner. To blend in with the decor, you can opt for a cord the same color as your wall.

As a table lamp

Factory Chic With slightly clever accessories, the portable lamp changes style. Attached to a metal support, it turns into a pretty table lamp that can for example be installed on a side table in the entrance.

Original patterns

Les Petits Bohèmes In order to adapt to the world of children, you can also opt for original models. This golden lamp with a bird motif and a multicolored cord blends perfectly with the decor of a little girl's room.

Colorful cords

Emilie sans chichi The portable lamp can be installed everywhere, even rolled up on a large mirror. To give a note of color to a clear and refined decoration, bet on a cord colored like pink, yellow or green.


Gross Interior Product In an industrial style decor, we are putting on a model that seems straight out of a factory. To give it the impression of being suspended in a vacuum, it is attached to a hook itself attached to the ceiling.

By lamppost

Factory Chic Another tip to divert your portable lamp, a large wooden and metal support to transform it into a floor lamp. A simple idea but full of creativity that brings a unique style to your interior.