A lounge that gives pride of place to reading

A lounge that gives pride of place to reading

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** Reading is one of your favorite activities? You want to create a space dedicated to reading at home but you do not have enough space? Why not use your living room to install a reading corner. Here is for you, a slideshow that presents 10 salons that give pride of place to reading. Discover, admire and poke decorative ideas to create your own reading space! **

A book wall

Wood house naturally To create a reading corner without sacrificing the space of your living room, think of the wall of books. From floor to ceiling, you can dedicate a whole section of wall to books by placing shelves.


Deco So Here, we discover a bohemian atmosphere for this living room where the library is integrated into the wall. To perfect the style, the chaise longue replaces the sofa and the frames are hung and placed here and there.


The Fox Trotter Sober, original and with a touch of color, this seating area takes up little space and gives pride of place to reading. We like the asymmetrical shelves but also the subtly colored armchairs and carpet.

Smart furniture

Déco So Here is a very practical reading area. The books are placed on shelves fixed to the wall and the very comfortable sofa is accompanied by small clever pieces of furniture for placing novels and books.


The interior factory Here is another example of a living room where the book is highlighted thanks to a corner bookcase. Here we like the sobriety of the place and the neutral colors. The decorative touch is provided by the decorative objects subtly placed in the middle of the books.

Multifunctional lounge

Mires Paris A salon can be dedicated to several hobbies. Here Mires offers us a typically Parisian atmosphere where books rub shoulders with a piano and a huge mirror with a golden outline. Our favorite !


Make me crack Here is a small living room that stands out both for its authentic side and for its glamorous touch brought by the sofa. The carpet and cushions provide color and storage is multiplied by the presence of many trunks.


Look my decor To create a reading corner in your living room, consider using the space under the stairs. Thanks to smart storage that adapts to the staircase, you save space to install an armchair, a chaise longue or a small sofa. The trick to remember is the lamp cleverly placed above the seat.


Look my decor Bring a retro touch to your living room while giving pride of place to reading, this is what this set-up offers you. The combination of wood and light fabric goes perfectly with a natural wall and a fireplace.