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A room dedicated to relaxation

A room dedicated to relaxation

** In a house, there are the living rooms, the water rooms and the bedrooms. Note that it is also possible to create a space entirely dedicated to relaxation. Space games, multimedia, library or place of cocooning, it is up to you to give your definition of relaxation and to create a space in your image. To help you find inspiration, here is a slideshow presenting 10 rooms dedicated to relaxation. Good discovery !**

A garden in your home

Maison QN Sun loungers are not reserved for the terrace. So do not hesitate to invite them to your home, in a room where you can stroll, read and listen to music.

A round lounge

Le Figaro Your relaxation area must be in line with your wishes. Here you discover a circular living room with many cushions. A warm and family place where the whole family can read in peace.

Converted attic

The wooden arch Transform your attic into a relaxation area! Here is a sober and warm layout where the designer furniture is next to the fireplace and the wooden beams.

Winter Garden

The mice empty the attic Plants are your allies in a relaxation room. At the corner of a window, do not hesitate to create a winter garden where you can relax among the plants and near a source of natural light.

Games room for adults

Lafonpatoise The playroom is not reserved for children! Nothing like a relaxation room where adults can have fun around a pool table. Think of the sofas ideally placed around the room and the light fixtures.

Playroom for the little ones

Dezen Here is a children's playroom. Thanks to the numerous carpets, toddlers can use and abuse their favorite toys on the floor. The decor tip? a hanging chair to relax too.

An old fashioned living room

Quartier Maison Here is a living room where the retro furniture is highlighted thanks to an aged-looking floor and the presence of wood. Here it is the musical instruments that are honored.

So british Here is a living room that brings together all the elements essential for a cozy atmosphere: wooden floors, comfortable sofas with cushions and throws, green plants and a fireplace.


Comingb The veranda is the ideal place to create a relaxing room. Bathed in light, the veranda can be a place for rest, reading or well-being. It's up to you to choose and create an environment conducive to rest.