10 do-it-yourself office makeovers

10 do-it-yourself office makeovers

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Whether you are a DIY professional or simply a decoration lover, homemade makeover remains an activity within everyone's reach to give interior furniture a touch of modernity. Today, focus on the desk with 10 original ways to transform the look of this piece of furniture into a few DIY tips.

A school desk revisited

The P'tits Choux / Etsy decor Witness to a certain nostalgia, the school desk finds a second life here with a simple coat of paint. Anthracite gray and taupe are changing to modernize the design of yesteryear of this classy piece of furniture. This transformation requires little time and highlights the singular shape of the school desks rather than a particular color. An aesthetic choice that allows this piece to be integrated into any decorative style. Smart!

Holiday house spirit for a wooden desk

Ribambelle Cie / Etsy What could be more emblematic than a sky color to remind you of the sweetness of a holiday at the start of the new school year? We put everything on soft and luminous pigments to offer the office a summer spirit like the seaside. Affixed with small touches, the lightness of blue is opposed to the warm appearance of wood to offer a refreshing duo. Sandpaper and paint are enough to transform this piece of furniture in just a few minutes.

A rainbow of colors for the office

Chopar Design / Etsy We slightly spoil things with a gradient color transformation to offer our future office a unique and personalized coating. For a harmonious result, we prefer shades close to each other in order to obtain a shadescale makeover. Hot or cold pigments, it's up to you to define which shades will best be applied to your furniture and decor. On the technical side, the large scotch tape makes it easier to apply paints, avoiding slippage: child's play!

Pretty letters for the desk top

Sheren22 / Etsy Perfect in a teenager's room or an industrial style decor, the letters in dark hues lend themselves readily to the game of makeover to dress up office desks. Apply them to the ready-made or homemade stencil, and voila! We equip ourselves with a large-tipped brush and paint before scattering the wood - previously sanded, with letters, dates, randomly or thoughtful sentences and quotes. No rules in this creative workshop, except to have fun and let your artistic soul speak!

Interior trim for a secretary

Voiledelin / Etsy The secretaries allow some madness in terms of decoration to create the surprise between interior and exterior coating. Neutral in appearance, the furniture can reveal a completely different style when opened with colors and patterns knowingly chosen. Scraps of wallpaper or leftover paint are welcome to decorate this interior space with delicacy.

Colorful tray for a minimalist office

Chouette Fabrique / Etsy We boost this desk deemed too simplistic thanks to the color. The tray is then detached from the rest of the furniture with a successful opposition between natural appearance and tinted surface. For a feminine or boudoir touch, shades of pink are welcome while light pigments combine with the sweetness of childhood. The frank or dark colors meanwhile will offer a contemporary or playful spirit.

Classic desk and shades of gray

Atelier D'copatine / A Little Market We dress a classic style office with a duo of neutral colors to highlight the curves of the furniture. A choice that sublimates the singular forms and the ornamental work while modernizing the furniture. The trick works just as well with a single color but the combination of several shades gives a more imposing appearance to the office. Useful if you want to give a boost to your little furniture.

Second life for a bamboo desk

Flamant Blanc / Etsy Bamboo sometimes needs a little help to reveal its charm. Here we opt for an intense gray to affix on the desk top to offer it more elegance. This rectangular colored area on the surface of the desk contrasts with the rounded lines drawn by the wood. A nice duel, enhanced by the new ivory button which acts as a handle for the only drawer of this piece of furniture. Two quick details to put in place that make this piece a unique and refined piece of furniture.

Office in revamped formica

Gentleman Designers Although it was in vogue in the 1950s, formica is not a coating to everyone's taste. Sometimes it takes a little imagination to give it a more contemporary look. But in decoration everything is possible! Despite its singular design, the formica furniture easily becomes more current thanks to a few brushstrokes. Color is applied graphically to break the smooth appearance of the table top: straight lines and fluorescent colors, a winning duo that transforms this desk into designer furniture.