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Decorative coaching: Odile's room

Decorative coaching: Odile's room

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Our interior design coach helps readers of. Today, she advises Odile, who wants to completely redo her bedroom in the attic. If, like Odile, you want advice on how to redecorate a room, try to win decoration coaching too!




- I suggest you paint the ceiling in matt white: it will capture the light and give you the impression of raising the ceiling. - You will also paint in white the entire sub-slope on the right when you are back to the front door, the small sloping return to the left as well as the whole of the small ceiling which is located above the two Windows. Painting tip: to play on the volumes and create a visual break, it is interesting to also paint in white the two descents towards the windows which form a small triangle on each side. - All the other walls are to be painted in a mat linen which will give your walls a deeper and velvety appearance. Painting tip: paint the wall of the headboard, at the bottom facing the front door, in a more sustained shade of linen to create an optical effect with a slightly denser shade, without slicing. - Finally, finish structuring the volumes of your room by coloring your beams in medium gray.


** Create a chic and soft style ** - Warm your floor and bring comfort with a carpet in natural fibers: seagrass is easy to maintain and it is a real decorative asset thanks to its natural elegance. Its price, meanwhile, remains very moderate. - Position your bed on the slightly darker wall: the frame of the linen bed with its studded finish, will stage with great elegance and refinement the centerpiece of your room. - The color of the bed will also be a subtle reminder of the beams. Likewise, the two small white metal bedside tables will recall the white of certain walls and bring light to this corner of the bedroom on the lower level. - Storage tip: the second bedside table will allow you to store your books. ** Furniture adapted to the attic space ** - Make or have made a custom arrangement under the right slope when facing your bed, to provide you with the storage you want. - In this composition, create a small wall that will be ideal for receiving television for your husband. In the slightest doubt, call on a professional who will help you realize this idea without difficulty. Design tip: tailor-made is the ally of the attic spaces. If you choose medium boards to paint, the cost will be limited. Lighting tip: a small auxiliary lamp will modulate the volumes of this recess. ** Put your favorite furniture in place ** - On the left as you enter, design your beauty space by mixing styles: an oak console with pure and contemporary lines, a mottled round mirror and a classic style armchair make up the trio . - To sufficiently light this corner and make up in the light, a fabric floor lamp, modern in its lines, will liven up the corner and create your decor. Layout tip: it is by mixing the different styles that you will give your room a real personality. - Finally, on the right wall, place the fireplace of your dreams facing the bed: you can fully enjoy it.


- Above the two bedside tables, two designer black sconces will create a contrast with all the colors: they will enhance the neutral tones but will remain in total harmony. Lighting tip: always choose wall lamps with an articulated arm to ensure directional and targeted lighting for visual comfort. - Dress your two large windows with curtains and sheers: they will create a soft intimacy without obscuring the light. - Be careful to check when purchasing rods that the rod support is long enough for the formwork of the electric shutters.





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