Decorative coaching: Nicole's dining room

Decorative coaching: Nicole's dining room

Our interior design coach helps readers of. Today, she advises Nicole, who wants to make her dining room more harmonious and spacious. If, like Nicole, you want advice on redecorating a room, you too can try to win decoration coaching!




** Your dining room has ideal dimensions and rectangular shape ** - Move your sideboard located on the head wall to the left wall when entering: this new location will lighten the room, while giving it character. - Choose a table in harmony with this space, that is to say a long table that will match the volume. Prefer it oval, because it is more user-friendly and more pleasant for circulation in the room. - Shift this table towards the window to provide a comfortable passage from the entrance to the room. It is now easy, since the sideboard no longer occupies the depth of the room. ** Make a console to dress the right wall when entering the dining room ** - Attach a wooden cleat to the wall that will serve as a support for the console table. - Screw the medium tray onto this cleat. - Attach the 2 wooden legs turned under the console table. - Paint the console table in gray, leave the legs in raw wood or paint them in white. Let dry 2 hours, pass a second coat. - Place beautiful objects on it. - Top it with a mirror that will reflect your table and the lights. Light tip: the mirror will return natural light and make your room even brighter. Decorative tip: if you are more flea market than DIY, bargain-hunt a console that you can repaint to your taste.


** Warm up the atmosphere ** - Transform the atmosphere with paint. The walls are the backdrop to your decor and represent a surface with a strong visual impact. - Using a stripper, remove the mural wallpaper; let the walls dry and repeat the plaster if necessary. - Create a base: paint a strip 1 m high on the lower part of the wall with an off-white or cream paint. Above this strip, paint the walls in a soft, warm color like linen. - Accessorize to establish the country house style. - Dress your windows with linen and cotton curtains to reinforce the country house spirit. Add blinds if you have too many vis-à-vis. - Favor light and soft colors and wooden furniture. Add chair covers to make the space more user-friendly. - Use pretty objects to compose "still lifes" and perfect the decor. ** Lighten the space ** - Your buffet has a fairly dark shade. Give it a makeover so that it harmonizes with your new decor. - Sand it then apply an undercoat coat. - Then apply an off-white paint. - To give depth to your furniture, you can paint the interior of the furniture in a darker shade, for example gray or taupe. This will highlight your trinkets. Highlight the cutaway (the head wall) to make it the highlight of your dining room. - Decorate it with a multitude of frames like a herbarium. Take natural wooden frames that you will paint in gray or white. This vegetal touch goes well with country house decor.