Peas invade the wallpaper

Peas invade the wallpaper

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Letting itself be won over by a fresh fantasy wind, the wallpaper is dressed in polka dot patterns. Small, oversized, colorful, organized or offbeat, here is a selection with multiple choices to satisfy all desires.


Leroy Merlin ### Arranged on thin lines falling from top to bottom, these black and gray polka dots remind us of a curtain of pearls ... mural. Resolutely graphic.


Leroy Merlin ### Focus on the peas! Making a point of being noticed, these proudly reveal their imposing size on the wall on a variation of blues, greens and browns.


Elitis ### And if we dared orange, but also polka dot patterns on the wall? Unlimited pop and funky humor. Long live the inspiration full of pep at the dawn of summer!


Ikea ### How can you resist this absolutely girly divine cuisine, dolled up with pink peas?


Elitis ### Tinted with a gray string tending to beige, the dots are discreet to dress the wall gently.


Elitis ### Well-being breathing in this meeting room, delicately energized by bottle green peas covering the entire wall.


Ikea ### Wisely ordered, green peas climb gently on the wall of the children's room to dress it with candor.


Graham & Brown ### The wallpaper finds it difficult to distinguish between the words "dots" and dots ". Not because the second is only two letters more than the first, but because here the rounds are so miniature that you could confuse them with simple dots. Retro inspiration when you hold us!


Elitis ### In the "total black" trend, we vote for this wallpaper with shiny black dots on a matt black background which creates a beautiful design effect vertically!


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