10 Scandinavian rooms that make us dream

10 Scandinavian rooms that make us dream

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Become almost timeless and essential, the Scandinavian style is now invited in all rooms of the house, even in our bedroom. Clean, relaxing and functional, the Scandinavian style adapts perfectly to the cozy and minimalist atmosphere sought for a most pleasant bedroom. Discover our decorative selection of Scandinavian-style rooms that skillfully mix natural materials, clean lines and geometric shapes.

A Scandinavian-style haven of peace

Ikea Simple lines of furniture, interplay of materials and shapes, and the omnipresence of white make this room a true haven of peace and comfort. We love the white brick wall which gives a textured effect and contrasts with the different other materials in the room. The little extras? The triple suspension which gives the impression that pretty white clouds will watch over your sleep, and the shelf which overhangs the headboard with its parade of frames of different sizes.

A chic Scandinavian style for the bedroom

H and G Designs This ultra minimalist dream room with its open bathroom, translates a more modern and chic version of the Scandinavian style. We love the mix of materials: marble, wood, linen and wrought iron, which translate here a mix of genres between Scandinavian style and industrial loft. The little extra? The soft sheepskin to get you off on the right foot.

A Scandinavian petroleum blue and shades of mole bedroom

Castorama In this bedroom we retain the play of colors and shapes. Taupe and beige, two very soft shades, mix with petrol blue and anthracite for a nice contrast effect. We retain this headboard to redo at home and to customize according to his preferences.

Geometric patterns for a Scandinavian bedroom

Maisons du Monde We find the Scandinavian style in this bedroom which skillfully mixes different geometric patterns from the stars of the duvet cover to the diamonds of the cushions. Pastel colors soothe the atmosphere for a welcoming room with a relaxed spirit. We love the wardrobe and the lamp perfectly in line with the Nordic style of this room.

Daring Scandinavian wallpaper in the bedroom

Leroy Merlin If we often think of furniture, textiles and decorative elements, we often forget a key element: the walls. To easily decorate your bedroom in a Scandinavian style, think of wallpaper! Avoid the total look which could be a little indigestible and prefer the minimalist solution by covering only one wall of the room, for example the one behind your headboard. Here the wallpaper with patterns in the form of yellow, pale green and light gray drops, brings both cheerfulness and softness to the room.

A Scandinavian country-style bedroom

Leroy Merlin Exit geometric patterns! In this bedroom we opt for a rustic and vintage version of the Scandinavian style. We find the star material that is wood, associated with metal, but this time with a radically different treatment, in an "aged" version to reinforce the cachet and the cozy atmosphere of the room.

Vintage patterns for a retro Scandinavian bedroom

La Redoute In this room, the Scandinavian and vintage wallpaper gives a retro character to the room. The choice of pale green creates a natural spirit decoration, supported by the leaf patterns of the wallpaper and textiles such as the duvet cover. The mustard yellow light echoes the retro decor spirit while bringing a festive touch.

The mole in a cozy Scandinavian room

Ikea This room brilliantly mixes white and taupe with materials such as wood, rattan and metal. A clever blend which gives a cozy atmosphere to this warmly colored room. Most ? The white and airy suspension that brings lightness to the room, just like the different sails and curtains. Finally, the large round and thick carpet brings even more softness to the room.

A chic and natural Scandinavian decoration

Ikea / Sanne & Mari We discover the power of decoration in this Scandinavian style bedroom. On a simple base, black wall and white floor, come to mix dried flowers in pretty mismatched soliflores, branches, cozy plaids and fake furs for a maximum cozy effect. The choice of dark colors immediately creates an intimate atmosphere, while the light elements make the room bright and welcoming.