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10 new pieces of furniture with an aged look

10 new pieces of furniture with an aged look

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Whitened, patinated, aged, gray: time gives the furniture an authentic and unique charm ... Only here, Louis La Brocante is not the one who wants! You do not have the soul of a handyman to hunt, sand, age, whitewash, skate and retype antiques, old furniture and family heirlooms? Set your sights on these 10 new pieces of furniture with an aged look! Beware of illusions…

Beware of appearances: this piece of furniture is new!

Bloomingville Here is an authentic coffee table in elm wood seeming to have arisen from an old barn with old-time charm. Failing to have gone through the ages, this pretty piece of furniture with an aged effect has crossed ... the units of the Bloomingville manufacturing plant! The price to bluff your guests? € 789.

This stool with an aged look is new!

Bloomingville This pretty stool in solid elm wood with an aged appearance is enough to have an effect (and illusion) in the decor… Here, the charm of the wood is revealed by the veins, irregularities and natural look of the furniture which give this stool a breath of wear worthy of an antique. € 255 at Bloomingville.

An air of old family furniture for this dresser

Maisons du Monde We continue with a pretty chest of drawers sublimated by the gray gray patina of time ... At least that's what we think when we see it. It owes its air of old family furniture to its aged effect finish. The price to be teleported to the family vacation home? € 480 at Maisons du Monde.

A low dresser that plays the illusionists

La Redoute Another dresser that plays the illusionists ... With its vintage look while elegant curves, it looks almost a century old or inherited from a great-aunt. In reality, this chest of drawers puts everything on its satin black finish with an aged effect and its top in limed oak veneer. Who would've believed that ? At Redoute Interiors, it is displayed at a promo price of € 352.19.

The charm of old-style kitchens ... but today

Interior's Corner furniture and sideboards lovingly aged by hand restore the charm of old-style kitchens here. If the flea market style has not aged in the kitchen, these new solid pine furniture, they have taken a nice look of old under the effect of the patina. The low buffet 1 door 1 drawer from the aptly named Brocante collection is € 650 at Interior's.

An oak sideboard as washed by the years

Tikamoon Plus not worth sacrificing a weekend to revamp an old antique furniture. The proof with this pretty sideboard in solid oak, as washed by the years. We love the natural color of the wood and its used and rustic look which demonstrates a great mastery of the art of bluffing! A Tikamoon illusion spotted at La Redoute for € 1,299.

A bergère armchair of today with the elegance of yesteryear

La Redoute Interiors Illusion successful for this bergère armchair with the elegance of yesteryear. Toile de Jouy, classic lines, padded backrest and curved armrests: all the codes of the bergère armchair are there! We even thought of the matching accent cushion to play it like Louis XV. € 439.54 at La Redoute Interiors.

Nice touch of bluff for this new dresser with an aged look

La Redoute Favorite for this dresser in recycled pine worked in the pure spirit of China (not the country but the flea market). The warmth of the wood, the imprint of time, the charm of the veins: here we did not skimp on the weathered effect. Result? This dresser looks like old family furniture. A Bois Dessus Bois Dessous creation. € 959 at La Redoute.

Youth is beautiful!

Maisons du Monde We love this new bed in bleached and patinated mango wood that never ceases to illusion. The aged wooden valet, the weathered bedside table and the louvered wardrobe take us a little further into the land of dreams ... Where furniture has many stories to tell. € 680 at Maisons du Monde.