Nantes botanical garden

Nantes botanical garden

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The history of the Nantes Botanical Garden begins at the time of the Sun King. At that time, the archery brotherhood of the knights of Papegault was confiscated its playing field by the governor of Brittany for the benefit of the apothecaries. These first protested, but had to give up in 1688 before the patents conceded by King Louis XIV and the need to have a place to cultivate medicinal plants and prepare remedies for the population. In 1726, the king transformed the apothecaries' garden into a "reserve" responsible for acclimatizing the exotic plants brought back by the merchant vessels in order to transfer them to the Jardin du Roi in Paris. This is how the Nantes Botanical Garden was born. It was moved, modified, and its construction work did not end until 1900. But for 200 years its collections - rare plants, camellias, epiphytes - have continued to grow, making it a world reference today.

Nantes botanical garden

JD. BILLAUD In 1893, the Jardin des Plantes acquired a palmarium, a vast heated greenhouse made of metal and glass and intended for the development of exotic plants.

Nantes botanical garden

JD. BILLAUD Greenhouses in arid environments are home to succulent crops, mainly euphorbias and aloes from Madagascar and South Africa. Further on, a wing of the greenhouse presents a wide variety of cacti from America.

Nantes botanical garden

JD. BILLAUD The tropical humid greenhouse welcomes a tropical forest ecosystem that flourishes in a warm and humid atmosphere. Thanks to an ingenious system of artificial bark imagined in Nantes, epiphytic plants - plants which grow by using other plants as a support without taking sap from their host - colonize this reconstituted semi-natural environment.

Nantes botanical garden

J. RENAUDINEAU In the fall, a walk in all humility under the tulip trees of Virginia. Culminating at 35 meters, this first-rate tree is as big as an oak. Its huge flowers have a tulip shape. The Jardin des Plantes has several dozen hundred-year-old feet.

Nantes botanical garden

SEVE Ville de Nantes Mosaiculture is an ancient art in which the Jardin des Plantes has become a master.

Nantes botanical garden

SEVE Ville de Nantes The originality and daring of gardeners can only fill you with joy. Three-dimensional flowerbeds rise from the ground like flowers for walkers.

Nantes botanical garden

Communication Department - City of Nantes The gardener? No, the Japanese architect Kinya Maruyama who, fortified by his success with the Star Garden of Paimboeuf to celebrate the magnolia in 2007, did it again in 2011 at the Jardin des Plantes by imagining several installations scattered on small islands, on the green beach or the along an alley.

Nantes botanical garden

Communication Department - City of Nantes The garden thus houses strange creations which were very successful with the public throughout the summer.

Nantes botanical garden

Communication Department - City of Nantes With this fruitful experience, the Green Space and Environment Service (SEVE) once again invites Kinya Maruyama to continue its creative process.

Nantes botanical garden

Communication Department - City of Nantes Sit on the grass, listen to a flute player, contemplate a nice show, picnic or rest in a beautiful and peaceful place ... Here are some examples of what we will require to You here.


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