20 DIY for a superhero birthday

20 DIY for a superhero birthday

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Batman, Superman, Spiderman, superheroes punctuate the daily lives of our children. What if, on the occasion of their birthday, you decided to make them really happy by making them the costume and the decor of their favorite fictional character? Come on, let's give you a hand with these 20 DIY ideas found on Pinterest.

A superhero mask

Justbunch No need to be a great designer to make your child's superhero mask yourself. The proof with this super easy tutorial! * Source: Justbunch *

Hero's capes

A Pretty Cool Life With small colored fleece blankets and a simple hand-sewn star, your little bits turn into their favorite hero in the blink of an eye. At your scissors! * Source: A Pretty Cool Life (// + Cool + Life.)) *

Superhero toppers

Look at What I Made To decorate your cakes, cupcakes and other delicacies nicely, think of printing toppers in the theme of the little party and stick them on small wooden sticks. * Source: Look at What I Made *

A bottle propellant

Pinterest Is your child dreaming of a superhero propellant? This is good because thanks to this tutorial you will be able to make one! Start by bomber two empty soda bottles in metallic gray, then discover flames in orange and red crepe paper. Assemble it all with strong glue and watch it have fun! * Source: Pinterest *

Cardboard buildings

One More Mushroom Colored card stock, big black markers, a pair of scissors, here is the material you will need to make these funny little buildings. Once laid out on the ground, your children will be able to have a lot of fun on the photo side! * Source: One More Mushroom *

Superhero bracelets

Kate's Creative Space With a simple roll of toilet paper and a printed superhero logo, you can make these personalized bracelets. * Source: Kate's Creative Space *

For an original photobooth

Avoid To make these superhero photobooth accessories, cut out Batman and "S" masks from Superman in card stock and then glue them onto large wooden sticks. Then take the pose for the photo! * Source: Avoid *

A box of superheroes

M Gulin To hide surprises or candy for party guests, print and mount these superhero boxes. * Source: M Gulin *

Foam shield

Spaceships and Laser Beams To make this superhero shield, cut a large circle, a star, a handle and the initial of your child's first name from sheets of colored foam. A few dots of glue, and that's it! * Source: Spaceships and Laser Beams *

The projection of the Batman logo

Yeung Mother Hubbard We all know the famous projection of the Batman bat in the sky. What if we reproduced the same on a small scale with an electric lamp and a stencil? Follow the tutorial, it's easy as pie! * Source: Yeung Mother Hubbard *

A disguised glass

Clear and Simple Stamps Too cute, this glass which is dressed in a funny mask and a cape for D-day. Easy to make, you do not need to bring thick gold fabric, scissors and felt ! * Source: Clear and Simple Stamps *

A red superhero cape

How Does She Before you start making this red cape, equip yourself with two meters of fabric, Velcro, a measuring tape, an iron and a sewing kit. To your needles! * Source: How Does She *

Highly decorative cupcakes

Happy Housewife No need to worry about making your superhero toppers in Photoshop, there are some to print in one click on Happy Housewives! * Source: Happy Housewife *

Cardboard inscriptions

CatchMyParty To decorate the party cake or the small jars of popcorn, print on cardboard some comic-style onomatopoeias! * Source: CatchMyParty *

A superhero garland

Daisyeyeshandmade To make this garland in the superhero theme, cut red, yellow and blue felt more or less large stars as well as lightnings. Glue them on a long red wire and hang them in the reception room. * Source: Daisyeyeshandmade *

Kryptonite treats

CatchMyParty If you've ever watched Superman, you couldn't have missed the famous kryptonite, this imaginary green stone, the hero's Achilles heel. For the taste of children, make delicious green sugar lollipops with the name implied and let them go to their imagination. * Source: CatchMyParty *

Felt superhero masks

Cutesy Crafts To make these wolves of superheroes recognizable among a thousand, print the pattern, cut it out on felt, cut out, glue and then sew an elastic band. Easy, right? * Source: Cutesy Crafts *

Buildings for the decor

A Night Owl Blog Draw buildings worthy of New York in a large sheet of black cardboard, then cut them out to create an original decor for children once taped to the wall. * Source: A Night Owl Blog *

Cardboard masks

Mini Reyve To design one of these superhero masks for your little blond heads, start by printing the pattern, stick it on thicker cardboard, then move on to cutting and folds. The result is great, right? * Source: Mini Reyve *