Kitchen: when the jars decorate

Kitchen: when the jars decorate

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The glass jar of our grandmothers, once nerdy, proudly returns to our kitchens! We knew it was practical to tidy up, keep and store, well sheltered in cupboards… We discover it aesthetic in this slideshow which gives pride of place to jars in decoration. 10 inspirations selected by the editorial staff of for the pleasure of the eyes… but not only.

Customized jars for organized reservations

avrilsurunfil In addition to keeping food loose in style, these recuperated glass jars are beautifully customized with Posca markers. An ingenious way to no longer confuse whole flour, gluten-free flour, caster sugar and cornstarch ... Source

You will take a jar in your pretty jar? Transform your jars into glass for a drink? The good idea for a refreshing summer cocktail! Here the vitaminized fruit juice and citrus slices make their show in the jars. The little extras? A slate label and a fancy straw… All you have to do is sip on a beautiful summer afternoon!

Decorative jars with transparency beautifully highlighted

Mdzf sweethome A jar for sugar, a jar for cereals, a jar for rice and a jar for storing wooden utensils ... Here, jars are decorative objects in their own right. We have also taken great care to harmonize the colors and materials before placing the jars on the shelves, all in transparency and prominently ...

Jars with a graphic and festive decor

Ikea For a graphic and festive decoration, we coordinate the colors of the contents in the container… Illustration in image with this sweet box which did not fail to stand out among the jars of the Hemsmak limited edition collection imagined by Ikea. Will you have a candy?

Exhibition "the restless jars" in the kitchen!

Ikea In this staging that we would like for its cuisine, the pantry turns into a real exhibition space. We put on the color of pumpkin, raspberry, lemon and honey to make the decoration ... And it works! Soups, juices and homemade jams sing a hymn to the know-how of yesteryear… and of tomorrow!

Canned dried apples

Ikea If these rings of dried apples nicely kept in their jar instantly amaze the pupils, they could not resist the assault of gourmet taste buds for a long time ... Wavy, crisp and tangy as desired, these apples guaranteed without added sugar add the decorative touch to the custody -Eat… And not to spoil anything, they are good for your health!

More than perfect jars

Le Parfait The toques of the jars do not just store loose food in jars ... They also carry out in-house workshops to preserve products and culinary preparations beyond the seasons. And yes, in addition to being practical and aesthetic, the jars are also ecological ... and that's why we love them.

When slates decorate… jars!

Ludilabel Irresistible allies of decoration, spices and aromatic herbs opt for a pretty retro touch with these pretty slate labels. A good way to dress your jars ... and no longer confuse the sweet pepper and the hot pepper.

Not stupid labels to decorate your jars Lovers of preserves and brines appreciate these jar labels embellished with mischievous messages ... For perfectly organized reservations, we do not forget to note the date of canning. The opportunity to remember that "Happiness, it keeps!".


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