Decorative coaching: Véronique's bathroom

Decorative coaching: Véronique's bathroom

Our interior design coach helps readers of. Today, she advises Véronique who wants to optimize the space in her bathroom. If, like Véronique, you want advice on how to redecorate a room, you too can try to win decoration coaching!




** Create an ultra comfortable U-shaped bathroom ** - Replace the bathtub with a double walk-in shower, occupying the entire length flush with the floor. Create a water repellent masonry bench. - On the window wall section, install an asymmetrical bathtub 180 cm long. - In place of your current basins, place 2 hanging or standing furniture (depending on your technical constraints). Install a full length vanity top for a comfortable area and a clean style. ** Arrange this new space ** - Do not waste space under the basins and install undercounter furniture to have all the bathroom accessories close at hand. - Place towel racks on the side of the vanity unit. - Install a towel dryer and coat hooks near the shower to have bath towels handy. - Have decorative accessories for a lounge atmosphere: candles, decorative objects for a refined bathroom


** An orderly and ergonomic bathroom ** - From the entrance, install 2 large hanging columns connected by shelves to create a beautiful storage area and decorative niches for placing beautiful objects. Decorative tip: this is the first wall you see when entering, so it must be attractive. - Choose a chest bench of a beautiful width (90 cm) which will act as a laundry basket while creating a comfortable and appreciable seating area in the L-shaped corner. ** A contemporary and cozy atmosphere ** To avoid the rendering and the cold feeling of the tiles, cover your walls with water-repellent waxed concrete in two soft shades: taupe and hazelnut to create a cocooning atmosphere with velvety-rendered walls. DIY tip: Be aware that waxed concrete can cover your current wall tiles and avoid a lot of breakage. - Reinforce this impression with a tiled floor and clear basins in a matte finish for more softness. - Add wooden furniture for a trendy contemporary nature bathroom. - Don't forget the lighting to perfect the decor. Ideally, create a false ceiling with special bathroom spotlights. On both sides of the mirror, have sconces for functional lighting