An optimized creation workshop at home

An optimized creation workshop at home

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Do you have the soul of a designer? Whether you are a fashion designer, painter, graphic designer or handyman, you need a space dedicated to your passion at home. So to create a workshop worthy of the name, here are some ideas for storage and optimization.

A DIY workshop

Ikea If you are more of a handyman at heart, you need a workshop with a work plan large enough to allow your activities. You will then add wall shelves to store all your tools.

A scrapbooking workshop

Ikea If you like to customize photo albums and create objects with paper, you need a space with a magnetic board that will allow you to magnetize your photos to use and some inspirations. Then, narrow wall storage will accommodate all the decorative papers.

A workspace for small manual work

Ikea If you are used to doing Do it yourself tutorials from your computer, you need to optimize your desktop. For this, add lots of storage to store your equipment and plan for example small boxes for beads, buttons and other small accessories.

A furniture and object creation workshop

Ikea Are you a budding designer? You then need a large workshop with storage space to store your books and magazines of inspiration, but above all large work plans.

A workspace for graphic designers

Ikea If your leisure is to design from your computer day and night, transform your bedroom into a workspace by adding a tablet to put your computer on your bed. Then add lots of storage space to store the books that inspire you.

A writing workshop

Paragraph For aspiring writers, we simply place a small desk with a computer in front of a wall that we will cover entirely with shelves to store the books that will inspire you.

A workshop for decoration enthusiasts

Paragraph The decoration enthusiasts who are constantly plunging into new development projects will only need a comfortable and practical desk and a large white wall facing it in order to display all the magazine pages for create a moodboard. Next decoration project: the surfing spirit in the house!

A workshop for creative leisure

Alinéa Do you love to customize a piece of furniture or dress up paper objects? You will then need a sufficiently large and free space to install yourself on the ground and especially a storage unit with large lockers to store your accessories.

A workshop for sculptors

Leroy Merlin If you create three-dimensional objects, offer yourself a comfortable workspace with a work desk, free space on the ground for large creations and large shelves to install your works but also the necessary documents.