Teenage bedroom embarks for London

Teenage bedroom embarks for London

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The euphoria London is in full swing in the decor, including in the teens' room! Small location of the decorative models that give it a British side, from the double-decker bus through the telephone box and the "Union Jack" box.

A dominant red

Maisons du monde Who says London-style bedroom necessarily says red. Use this color on the key elements of the room like the bed or a wardrobe for example, but all the same sparingly to avoid the total look. To go with it, the gray, white and navy blue hues are ideal.

Accessories in the colors of the English flag

Home decor In an immaculate or monochrome room, decorative accessories such as a carpet, a duvet cover or even a desk pad, can be decorated with the colors of the flag of England to give an original look to the room. .

A bus-shaped bed

Conforium This is a quirky piece of furniture that should delight fans of the English capital! This wooden mezzanine, nicely called "bed bus", looks like two drops of water to the famous "red bus", the red buses that roam London by day and by night.

Bet on original decorative objects

Maisons du monde A London-style room is refined in detail. The proof, here, the trash can and the red armchair as well as the "London" storage boxes or the photos hanging on the walls all contribute to the urban and rock atmosphere of the room.

English style with little touches

Graham & Brown If you don't want your child to tire of an overly pronounced bedroom, add a few accessories that echo London, such as a carpet, decorative cushion or even a mug as a pencil holder.

Sheets stamped "London"

The Son of Charline We could not be more clear! In this teenage bedroom, the bed linen screams his love for the English capital. The little extra? The white brick wall that highlights the bed. You can also install a brick effect wallpaper that will give relief to a small room.

Put on original curtains

Delamaison To hang on a window, a closet or even act as a partition, curtains are an important element of the teenage bedroom. Choose them in the colors of the English flag or with a funny message. Also add cushions and pillows in the same style.

Hang decorative frames

Conforama In this room, the decorative frames support the British style? In order not to overload the space, red and navy blue are used sparingly in a modern and design room, predominantly gray.

A customized desk with English sauce

Maisons du monde For the teenage office area, this piece of furniture is perfect for a British bedroom. The drawers bearing the effigy of the flag of England and the furniture doors which represent the famous red electric cabins set the tone.

Travel without leaving your bed!

Saint Maclou The carpet in this teenage bedroom represents the London underground. What revise the city plan for his next stay and dream of travel. The little extra? The XXL English flag to paint on the wall or hang if it is made of fabric.

A unique wall decoration

Frédéric-Léon Ducourt We love the red bus fixed to the wall. It immediately transports us to London and echoes the red office and the giant poster. To complete the decor, it's up to you to find small items to distill in the room such as an alarm clock, a mug or even a notebook that recall the flag of the United Kingdom.

Put an XXL mat

Maisons du monde When you get out of bed or in front of a mirror, the carpet gives warmth and charm to a bedroom. The proof, this model immediately brings an irresistible English style to this contemporary and bright room.

Sticking stickers on the walls

Leroy Merlin Wall stickers are popular in the teenage bedroom. They avoid expensive renovations and immediately change the style of the room. Here, the letters of the word "London" have been pasted. You can also choose a similar wallpaper.

A pop room!

Ten Stickers To pay tribute to the mythical English group, the Beatles, what could be better than an original wall sticker? With him, you embark for London immediately, with a refrain in mind during your entire trip. In addition, this type of decoration makes it possible to bring color to a slightly dark room.

Custom storage

Frédéric-Léon Ducourt In this British-accented room, the bed linen and cushions represent the flag of the United Kingdom. But when you take a closer look, you realize that the storage located on the side of the headboard are also in the colors of the English capital.

A message comforter

Delamaison Because English humor is priceless, boost the decor of your teenage bedroom with message bed linen like this "Keep calm" model. It's up to you to choose the one that most closely resembles your teenager's personality! In another style, the Scottish patterns are also a safe bet for a vintage British style.

A decoration with masking tape

Paragraph The masking tape is a very good ally for the decoration of teenagers. Repositionable, inexpensive and colorful, it allows you to personalize small elements but also the walls. For once, let your child write on the walls of their room!

A so bristish red brick wall

Maisons du monde It is THE ultimate English raw material. The red brick immediately reminds us of English cottages and Harry Potter! If you do not want to do too much work, wallpapers and stickers very well imitate the relief of the brick.

A little girly touch

3 Suisses For a girl's room, favor feminine household linen such as this bedding set with flowers. The latter is reversible and can therefore be put in one direction or the other to avoid getting tired of the decor.