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Green decor: selection of driftwood accessories

Green decor: selection of driftwood accessories

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Ecological material par excellence since it is recovered on beaches, driftwood comes in many facets in decoration: lamp, tealight, framing… Small extract.

Driftwood coat rack

AM.PM ### For a natural version entry, nothing like a driftwood coat rack running on the wall.

Driftwood lantern

Decoclico ### The seaside spirit is not far from this lantern, whose 4 glasses are framed in driftwood.

Driftwood wall light

Cyrillus ### Pretty handcrafted driftwood wall light that illuminates the exterior in a natural spirit.

Driftwood table lamp

Les 3 Suisses ### Inside, this table lamp draws attention. Thanks to its driftwood base and its rectangular design, it becomes a real decorative sculpture to highlight on its bedside table or on the dresser in the living room.

Driftwood lamp

Bleu Nature ### The Bleu Nature brand has made driftwood its signature. Here is one example among many, drawn from the spring / summer 2012 collection.

Driftwood floor lamp

Maisons du Monde ### Its elegant Scandinavian aesthetic, this floor lamp owes it to its long, well-stocked driftwood base.