10 DIY ideas for party decoration

10 DIY ideas for party decoration

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Disguised evening, birthday or simple dinner with friends, homemade party decoration is our ally when it comes to transforming the atmosphere of the house during an event. There is no shortage of DIY decoration ideas to set the mood in our interiors in the blink of an eye: focus on 10 easy creations for an unforgettable evening.

A DIY decoration with a wall origami

Unique Party

No need to be a master of folding to dress up your interior: quick to make, wall origami is created in a few minutes. We select sheets of different colors according to our desires to make paper rosettes. Arrange wherever you want, these artificial flowers gently lay on the walls of the house - a small piece of tacky gum is enough to keep them going until the end of the night.

No party decoration without confetti


Conviviality obliges, confetti is always there to spice up the festivities. Here we make a glittery confetti launcher with a roll of customized toilet paper and a balloon which come together to give birth to this party accessory in the blink of an eye. Enough to spin a thousand and one pieces of colored paper all evening!

Colorful candle holders


As the guarantor of a singular atmosphere, the light is revealed in color with personalized candle holders. Jars and paint for this creation which stages our candles in a festive setting. We vary the pleasures between miniature and imposing solids, pastel colors or bright tones - to match these translucent supports to the decor and the desired atmosphere.

A retro photobooth for souvenir photos

Shauna Mailloux

For unforgettable memories, photobooth accessories are available in all styles and colors. Bow ties, glasses and mustaches: use your markers and scissors to make them yourself! Many models are available on the Internet to inspire you. These 2D accessories are simply stuck on wooden rods like skewers and voila! Your photos will have that "je ne sais quoi"!

Chic balloons

Candy Balloons

Wedding, birthday and Valentine's Day, the balloon remains the unconditional of party decorations. We discover it here in an improved version, thanks to the addition of ribbons and other homemade garlands intended to offer him a train worthy of the name. A little extra that makes all the difference and propels this piece of rubber into the big leagues. Filled with helium, the balloon struts classily around the house to transform the space. Additional tip: hang a small object at the end of the string to prevent the balloons from being all stuck to the ceiling.

A tropical centerpiece


The ball is also invited during the meal to shake up the traditional centerpieces. Banana leaves and tangy colors, a winning duo between nature and artifice to create a tropical composition. Dynamic and efficient, the bias boosts the atmosphere and imposes itself as a common thread for table decoration. Nylon thread and tape allow the various elements to be assembled into a harmonious whole.

Customized straws

Lauren Berlant

We bring freshness to our glasses with straws customized for the occasion. Flowers, animals or fruit, the paper is cut to form patterns to slide over the straws of your guests. For more pep, we opt for frank colors sprinkled with glitter to spice up the creation. A simple workshop to perform for a dazzling result!

A fruity party decoration


The shelves and other forgotten surfaces of our interior are also entitled to decorative accessories: we adopt the healthy attitude even in the decoration with crepe paper fruits for a theme as exotic as it is playful. Staged in the living rooms, these compositions invite themselves over the spaces to decorate your layout with colorful touches. Hanging or hanging, fruity objects offer a somewhat exotic aspect to the environment, enough to upset the look of the house easily.

A bunch of wheat for a DIY and natural decoration


For nature lovers, the special bouquet DIY offers dressing the table, the bar or the buffet with an original and refined composition. Sewing threads and sheaves of wheat for this simple but effective creation that brings softness and pep at the same time. A chic and unexpected detail that subtly sublimates the furniture of the house to orient the party decor towards a warm atmosphere, a bit bucolic.