Focus on the work of François Champsaur

Focus on the work of François Champsaur

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Interior designer and designer, François Champsaur has envisioned each project from its earliest stages. He redesigns the volumes, designs custom-made furniture and creates contemporary and very elegant spaces. He also signs a multitude of prestigious achievements in luxury hotels and restaurants. Focus on the subtle and refined work of this designer.

The Filaire carpet

François Champsaur To brighten up your interior, bet on a colorful vegetable silk carpet. With its shades of pink, blue and green, it will perfectly dress a poorly decorated room in light tones.

Graphic lines

François Champsaur In this wine bar of the Hôtel du Ministère, we discover a contemporary setting where wood and mineral mingle alongside colors with Fifti accents. A heavy marble bar invites to conviviality and tasting.

Warm decor in the bedroom

François Champsaur This room at the hotel in La Pointe aux Canonniers in Mauritius exudes a cozy and warm atmosphere with its red tones and its heavy curtains. The use of exotic woods associated with the colorful spirit of the island create a feeling of well-being and freshness.

Colorful lamps

François Champsaur Ultra design and very colorful, these "Origami" lamps are elegantly placed on a small table or on a desk with clean lines. To highlight their very present colors, they are rather installed on furniture in light tones.

A contemporary bathroom

François Champsaur This bathroom in the Hôtel du Ministère has been designed as a lattice "cabin" in light wood. To give it a touch of modernity and color, the interior designer opted for an Ardea Zanotta red armchair by designer Carlo Mollino.

A modern bedroom

François Champsaur In the bedroom, the electric blue of the wall awakens the clean lines of the furniture and the warm decoration. Another Ardea Zanotta armchair finds its place in the room. With its yellow color, it brings a touch of fantasy.

Clean furniture

François Champsaur This "Resto" of the Arqana sales pavilion has also passed through the expert hands of François Champsaur. Designer furniture and shimmering colors come together to create a graphic and comfortable space.

A Jungle duvet cover

François Champsaur This bed linen adorned with ethnic patterns plays it wise with its black and white designs. To highlight it, we put on a bright red headboard dressed in the same patterns.

Original creations

François Champsaur This Pepper table, signed François Champsaur, blends perfectly in a contemporary universe. Its rounded and original shapes as well as its aluminum tray make it the decorative element of the room.


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