10 inspirations around yellow, favorite color in the world

10 inspirations around yellow, favorite color in the world

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After a survey organized by Dulux Valentine, the verdict has just fallen and the best-selling color in the world is yellow! And that's good since this color is ideal for spring because it puts a good mood in any room. Besides, isn't it associated with the sun?

Yellow for an interior inspired by travel

Dulux Valentine In this house, the different shades of yellow create a warm atmosphere that inevitably evokes holidays thanks to the sun tones that settle on the walls.

Yellow to warm up a classic style

Dulux Valentine In a classic interior, a light yellow can warm the atmosphere without changing the style of the room. Yellow is then a major ally for a friendly decoration.

Yellow in a contemporary style

Dulux Valentine If you opt for a deep yellow, then you can create a contemporary style in your room. Combine it with gray and bet on black furniture that will highlight the color.

Yellow to soften a rough piece

Dulux Valentine Yellow is also a color that is soft enough to soften rough spaces. You can for example play with two shades of yellow which you will associate with green.

Yellow for a pop vibe

Fly By choosing a bright yellow that you will install on all the walls, you ensure your interior a resolutely pop style! Then do not hesitate to play with colorful accessories.

Yellow to energize the kitchen

Conforama The kitchen is a living room par excellence so yellow suits it very well to reflect the good humor and the effervescence of this space. Combined with white, the mixture is very dynamic.

Yellow for an exotic spirit

From the end of the world How to transform a classic room into a dining room with exotic accents? We use a warm yellow on the walls which we combine with dark parquet for an atmosphere of Cuban inspiration.

Yellow to inspire children's rooms

Ikea Because children love the joy of life and originality, a yellow floor is perfectly appropriate because it combines these two qualities to create a room where it will be fun.

Yellow in a bathroom

Castorama To start the day in a good mood, add a touch of sunshine to the bathroom and fill up on vitamins. A little yellow on the walls will be enough to make you have a good day.