Discover Miley's house in Los Angeles

Discover Miley's house in Los Angeles

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Put on the market a short time ago for the modest sum of 5.5 million euros, the house of the world-famous singer Miley Cyrus dazzles us. Six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a music room, a swimming pool, a huge garden, all designed by the famous architect Bob Easton. Guided tour of this huge house where rustic and contemporary coexist!

Word of mouth upon entry

Genelle Brown The XXL entrance, bright and refined, sets the tone for the rest of the visit. Here, the base is very light with white walls and light wooden parquet. The room is still enhanced with darker furniture, like the pair of embossed velvet armchairs.

Miley's super warm living room

Genelle Brown Bright wallpaper on the walls, a huge carpet separating two huge Chesterfield-style sofas, small touches of red and blue, welcome to Miley Cyrus' living room. Everything is in its place, and the decor is rustic minimalist.

The kitchen in giant format

Genelle Brown Buffets, dinners or brunches, everything becomes easier thanks to the huge marble worktops in the kitchen. We find once again warm tones as in the whole house. The tiling of the credenza when it comes, brings a little color in this somewhat dark decor.

An artist's corridor

Genelle Brown In a sort of small alcove sits the portrait of John Lennon surrounded by a few guitars. The instruments are installed as decorative objects and dress the wall. A pretty collection that does not go unnoticed!

The warm office

Genelle Brown In the office, the chimney brings a warm side, extinguished as lit. Large bookcases adorn the white walls alongside a pretty zebra armchair.

A room that plays on materials

Genelle Brown In one of the bedrooms, the walls have been left white and provide lots of light and furnish with darker colors. Dark woodwork, gray floors and a sweet pink velvet bedding set. We should also mention the presence of the Rolling Stones on the small chest of drawers in front of the bed.

A copper tub in the bathroom

Genelle Brown In a huge room with light and bright walls and floors, we installed a real copper star bathtub. It shines, it lights up, it didn't take less to suit Miley Cyrus.

The dream terrace for summer evenings

Genelle Brown An outdoor fireplace as in the house, and carved wooden furniture decorate the terrace. Despite its small size, it is nonetheless comfortable and welcoming.

Nice view of the house garden

Genelle Brown It is not the swimming pool which is small, it is the garden which is large! Terraces have been provided for here and there to install garden furniture. As for the vegetation, it makes everything very natural and relaxing.


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