10 TV corners to get inspired

10 TV corners to get inspired

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In our living rooms, TV has taken on new importance and becomes the heart of the room. It is therefore necessary to properly install the living room around the screen in order to be able to enjoy it comfortably. To inspire you, here are 10 TV corners to discover in pictures.

A relaxed TV corner

Paragraph To relax in watching TV, put bean bags and other floor cushions in front of the TV so that everyone can sit as they see fit.

A moving television

Conforama In this family living room, the sofa is the center of the room. The TV is placed on a piece of furniture on casters so as to move according to the needs and positions of those who sit on the sofa.

A television in height

La Redoute In order for the television to be clearly visible from different parts of the room, we install a table-style high television screen. The screen then becomes the heart of the show.

A traditional TV lounge

Maisons du monde In this fairly traditional living room, the television is installed on a high TV stand and the armchairs and sofas take place around the screen and the coffee table for a multifunctional living room.

A contemporary TV space

Ikea In this contemporary setting, the TV is installed in a sophisticated and designer storage unit and the sofa and armchairs are installed opposite for a living room facing the television screen.

A TV space in a studio

Ikea Here, the whole room turns to the television with a sofa facing it but also the dining table which allows you to watch TV during meals.

A family TV room

Ikea For a classic and family living room, sofas and armchairs turn to television so as to create a circle around the television screen for watching films with the family.

A comfortable TV lounge

Ikea Here, place comfort with a sofa that installs in front of the television and which allows you to lie down thanks to an exceptional depth.

A quirky TV space

La Redoute Here, the television is on the side of the sofa so that you can watch it lying down for a moment of relaxation.