Mathilde Brétillot in pictures

Mathilde Brétillot in pictures

Designer born in Paris, Mathilde Bretillot began her career in an international context. After several years spent in Milan then in London, she decides to settle in Paris. She acquired a great expertise in very varied fields of design: fashion, object, textiles, furniture ... Let us find the designer in 10 flagship creations of her career.

Marguerite vase

Mathilde Brétillot Between soliflore and real vase, its original format allows you to change classic vases and brings a touch of modernity in the living room or bedroom. Little more, even empty it remains visually aesthetic.

Justine chair

Mathilde Brétillot Editor's favorite for this simple and complex chair at the same time. Simple threads run all around the chair and form the structure, while the seat is composed like a rosette, reminding us of the hours of forming patterns with our compasses at school. The fresh color adds a final touch to this nostalgic creation.

Tropical Office

Mathilde Brétillot From a complete range for the office, there is also a bench, a bookcase, a console and a chair. Made from Gabon walnut and padouk wood, we get to work surrounded by exotic woods that inspire for the next vacation.

Elliot pouf

Mathilde Brétillot Between beech wood and felt discs, these poufs call for relaxation in a relaxed and original atmosphere. Once again, a mix of materials and pop colors are on the menu with Mathilde Brétillot.

Dressing hook

Mathilde Brétillot Like literally melting, these coat hooks are in fact made from a 3D printer and made of ceramic. Proof that the designer also knows how to use modern technologies available today.

College swing

Mathilde Brétillot Very attracted to creation for children, Mathilde Brétillot has among other things designed this swing to hang for the little ones.

Chambly cutlery

Mathilde Brétillot Hands-on, the designer has also rubbed shoulders with an exercise in style with these stainless steel cutlery which combine classic shapes and originality in finishes.

Neon lamp

Mathilde Brétillot Alone or in pairs, the editorial staff also fell in love with these lamps, which we can easily imagine fitting behind a sofa or a bed for general and suitable lighting. Industrial and offbeat atmosphere guaranteed!

Saazs mirror

Mathilde Brétillot Multi-purpose object, this mirror can also be used as ambient light when it is turned on. Beautiful reflections guaranteed.