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10 do-it-yourself balcony planters

10 do-it-yourself balcony planters

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A colander as a flower pot

Have you fallen for a beautiful old colander in a flea market but you don't have any use for it in the kitchen? Transform it into a planter for the terrace! Start by placing a layer of clay balls at the bottom, then add a layer of potting soil and plant. Each watering, the overflow of water will flow through the small holes ...

Plants in my old shoes

Ah, that pair of boots that you loved so much and that you don't want to part with! And if you transform it into a vegetable decoration for the garden or the terrace? A little soil, small plants and voila!

Strawberries in the gutter

Plastic or metal, gutters are excellent supports for growing plants on walls. Hang several gutters one above the other, fill them with soil and plant! The little extra: you won't have to bend down to harvest your produce…

Recycle a dresser in a planter

To give your garden a magical and romantic look, nothing like a chest of drawers or a vintage drawer unit overgrown with plants… Easily recycle an old damaged piece of furniture with a stroke of paint, plastic sheeting to protect the bottom of drawers, earth and plants. Just protect the furniture from large showers to prevent the wood from rotting too quickly!

Tin jars

Tin cans and baby milk cans make excellent containers for setting up a small aromatic garden on the balcony or window sill. Bomb them with paint, don't forget the clay balls in the bottom, and plant!

Recycle an old zinc bathtub


If they are more and more difficult to find, zinc baths and old animal feeders are ideal for planting a magnificent bed at the bottom of the garden. Their large capacity and their patinated shade are all good, it's time to go hunt for one on the flea markets…

I plant in a palette


In a few hours of DIY, a simple ** palette ** becomes a green wall where dozens of different varieties grow. Start by stapling geotextile fabric to create the planters, then simply fill them with soil ...

A planter in a wooden wine crate


Simple and ultra-decorative, we love the wooden planters made in wine boxes. Staple the tarp at the bottom, add a layer of clay balls, earth, and here is a recycled planter that was to be envied!

I plant in a watering can, a milk jug, a bucket ...


The zinc containers bring a rustic and romantic touch to any garden. With a little imagination, watering cans, buckets, milk jugs and even grandmother's bowls become gardeners as beautiful as they are original.