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Easter 2015: the craziest chocolate creations!

Easter 2015: the craziest chocolate creations!

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Easter, egg hunting, chocolate, do you really think this is only for children? Think again, Easter is also the favorite time for chocolate makers. By observing their creations, we understand that these boys, as talented and known as they are, remained great children. Their Easter collections are little gourmet jewels that can also be tasted with the eyes. It deserved a totally cocoa-filled slideshow!

Chocolate in the chicken coop

Patrick Roger The hens of Patrick Roger took their ease and display beautiful curves. Garnished with dark and milk chocolates, they will find it difficult to hide. 5 sizes available: from € 55 incl.

Bim, bam, boom in your Easter!

Christophe Michalak Christophe Michalak is a comic, or rather should we say a comic! Suddenly he celebrates Easter with onomatopoeia with on one side the egg Mr Paqk (Dulcey chocolate) and on the other the Fantastik Mr Paqk (a crunchy hazelnut with caramel and pecan mousse, whipped cream Dulcey and a praline confit). Egg Mr PAQK: 38 euros and Fantastik Mr PAQK: 45 euros.

One chocolate can hide another

Pierre Marcolini Pierre Marcolini talks to the little girl who sleeps in each of us with his funny polka dot dolls. We love the idea of ​​nestles which suggests that the chocolates will never end. The Rabbit doll, 30 cm, 1.3 kg, € 98 and the "Baby Doll" doll, 17 cm, € 46.50 (also available in 14 cm and 8 cm).

Migratory chocolate

The chocolate house The chocolate house pays homage to migratory birds and to the unbounded imagination of children. Proof that chocolate can also be light! 950 € the giant piece of 5kg in limited edition and 34 € the aviator egg.

Chocolate from afar

Jacques Genin Jacques Genin takes the tradition of Easter eggs to India. They will then hide in lush and shimmering vegetation and take on the colors of the jungle. Egg (119 € and 76 €) and rabbit (34 € and 66 €).

Chocolate in the ocean

Hugo and Victor A very pleasant dive into the sea of ​​Hugo and Victor who reinterpret the big blue cocoa version. We melt for the delicate Coral (48 €) and Pearl (59 €) eggs.

Small frying

Fauchon Impossible not to think of the little frying during Easter. For Fauchon, it moves in schools and even comes to rest on very attractive sand. Chocolate desserts from 7.20 individually.

Chocolate layers

Alain Ducasse Alain Ducasse's chocolate factory once again proves its mastery in working with chocolate. The laminated egg (€ 30 and € 60 depending on the weight) seduces with its particular design and its superposition of chocolate and praline.

Fashion addict chocolate

To the mother of the family At "To the mother of the family", we pay homage to fashion and the great French couturiers. The chocolates are on their 31st, on one side the butterfly egg (45 €) and on the other the hen's foot hen (37 €). Because fashion should not be taken too seriously (while chocolate does!).