Why it feels good to welcome flowers at home

Why it feels good to welcome flowers at home

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Their virtues are no longer to be proven. Once you get into the habit of growing plants on your balcony and hosting bouquets in your living room, you may well become addicted and not do without this good habit. But why do flowers make life more beautiful? Our 10 answers in pictures!

Flowers make you want to tidy up

Pexels Have you noticed? When you have a pretty bouquet placed in the hallway or on the kitchen table, you hardly want chaos around it. So put this mail and this pile of magazines away and clear the table as soon as the meal is finished. Magic the power of flowers, we tell you!

Flowers scent the air

Pexels Yes, the flowers are not only very pretty to look at! They bring a natural and delicate fragrance to our interior. For this, everyone has their tastes! Are you more Rose, Mimosa or Peony?

Flowers make you want to start DIY

Pexels It is that we want to highlight these pretty flowers! So, we roll up our sleeves: we divert a jar that we customize with paint, fimo or masking tape ... Or, we try the wreath of flowers or the vegetable garland. In short, we become adept at creative tutorials.

Flowers give us a feeling of well-being

Pexels Research has shown that flowers have the power to activate our positive emotions. And we see it when when we get home after a hard day we find cut flowers in a vase and we instantly feel more relaxed. By their simple presence in the room, the flowers give us a feeling of well-being.

They make you want to bring out our family affairs

Pexels Your great aunt would have been delighted to see you so proudly display her family vase to welcome this imposing bouquet of Buttercups. In the same way, you divert old jars, old coffee makers, cans of preserves and jars of jams to accommodate some country flowers gleaned during your walks. Your flowers encourage you to bring out your old things, to recycle them, sometimes to divert them, in short, they inspire you!

They make you want to receive

Pexels Come on we admit everything. We have already been surprised to think: "It would be nice if Ludivine and Arnaud came home tomorrow evening rather than next week. Besides, at the moment we have such a pretty bouquet!" Is it because flowers naturally make us want to open up to others ... or is it simply for showing off? Still, we love to dress with a flowery centerpiece.

They clean up the house

Pexels As you know, there are depolluting plants that improve our indoor air. To combine business with pleasure, why not opt ​​for flowering species? This is the case with Pothos, which particularly absorbs carbon monoxide, or even Anthurium with red flowers, which removes ammonia and xylene in particular.

They are part of the decor

Vanina Denizot When we try to look after its decoration, every detail has its importance. This is valid for this pretty flecked frame last week or this duvet cover in washed linen for which you broke your piggy bank. Fresh flowers subtly emphasize these essential details, highlighting the care you bring to your interior.

They remind us that we are loved

Vanina Denizot It's the gift that touches every time. What could be more pleasant than receiving a nice bouquet from someone dear to us? A present, certainly ephemeral, but that we never tire of pampering and admiring.