10 utensils for cooking the potato

10 utensils for cooking the potato

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Baked, steamed or fried, in the form of crisps, fries or mashed potatoes are available in a thousand and one ways on our plate, thanks to clever utensils that allow us to give it the look you want. Demonstration in pictures.

A multifunction tray

Kickstyle The potatoes on one side, the peeled ones on the other, the peels in another nook… thanks to this plastic tray, peeling and chopping becomes child's play! Ideal for those who love when everything is organized! Source: Kickstyle

Potato bag

Amazon To prevent your potatoes from germinating and thus to keep longer, adopt a potato bag made of linen and cotton. With its neat look, it takes place nicely in the kitchen hanging on a small hook. Source: Amazon

A practical chip cutter!

Francis Batt Cutting your fries has never been easier than with this manual fries cutter! Place your potato, choose the desired size then press ... voila! Source: Francis Batt

Crisps at home

Mathon Do you dream of making crisps at home? Here is the essential accessory! Place your perforated silicone tray in the microwave and in a few minutes and without fat you are with light and crisp chips. Source: Mathon

A mashed potato

Rösle Nothing like a potato masher to make a mashed potato like in a restaurant! With this model, nothing could be simpler! Source: Amazon

A mandolin for thin slices

OXO To make a gratin dauphinois on top, equip yourself with a mandolin which will allow you to make potato slices at the desired size! Source: OXO

For microwave cooking

Other Kitchen To cook your potatoes in 5 to 10 minutes flat in the microwave, you will need to equip yourself with these ultra practical plastic spits for drilling holes. Then plant your potatoes on the bases and let them heat up. Source: Amazon

Potato spaghetti

ac-deco Would you like to present your potatoes in a truly original form on the plate? How about spaghetti? Thanks to this grater, it's possible! Nice, right? Source: ac-deco

An electric peeler

Elgento We're not going to lie, peeling the potatoes is a real chore! To save us the blisters on the hands, we adopt without further delay this electric peeler which peels up to 1 kg of potatoes in 2 minutes! Source: Amazon