Decorative tips for an even more fun playroom

Decorative tips for an even more fun playroom

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The playroom undoubtedly remains the favorite room for children. Tangy furniture, board games, creative workshop, reading corner: all means are good for creating a fun space for the little ones. gives you the best tips for an even more fun playroom. Recreation sounded in pictures…

A playful carpet printed in the games room

Flair Rugs For a more playful decor in the playroom, dress the floors with soft printed rugs. For example, opt for games like hopscotch, which will help your little ones to develop their skill and balance. All while having fun!

A teepee in the heart of the games room

Vtwonen For reading, daydreaming or playing on soft cushions, nothing better than a teepee in a playroom to accompany the adventures of your children. This original decorating idea makes it possible to liven up the room and keep a fun setting for children. You risk making people happy!

Soft animal beanbags for reading

L'oiseau bateau Do you want to boost the decor of your playroom and keep a fun setting for the little ones? We have the solution: poufs with playful shapes, like animal poufs, for example. These original accessories will fulfill this mission hands down. Do not hesitate to multiply colors, shapes and textures so that your little ones can have fun with others. Prepare to read many stories.

The combo table and chairs for budding artists

Ikea The decor of a games room also involves a small table and matching chairs. On the program: creative workshop solo or with others to give free rein to the imagination of the little ones. You can use their masterpieces to decorate the walls of the room! We cannot tell you that the decor is impersonal!

Slate paint in the playroom

Ikea Let the creativity and imagination of the little ones express through a wall of slate paint in the playroom. Perfect for working on their writing skills or small designers. It will also avoid more or less discreet coloring on your pretty furniture. Who wants to play master and mistress?

A real cabin in the games room

Maisons du Monde Transform the decor of the games room with a real wooden cabin in the room. Soft cushions, mattresses, cozy corner, night lights: a nice way to create a cozy little cocoon so that your little ones can let their imagination run wild. It is also an additional excuse for making sleepovers at home.

Playful pastel storage in the games room

Maisons du Monde Think of the colorful storage to playfully ventilate the space in the children's playroom. Ideal for keeping all the favorite games and objects for little ones close at hand and storing everything after the recreation is complete. We also have a soft spot for cute storage like everything in the shape of a house or animals.

A funny 2 in 1 rug

Play & Go A circuit mat in a games room, we validate it ... But a circuit mat that folds and unfolds in three seconds, and acts as a storage bag, so here we are completely fan! Perfect for parking small cars safely without losing them around the room.

Boost children's creativity with coloring

OMY Felt-tip pens, crayons, paint palettes: all decorative tools are good for arousing children's creativity. Like this large detailed poster to color and hang on the wall of the playroom. The key: a wall decoration of which your children can be proud! Attention, concentration.