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Decorative Coaching: Sandrine's teen bedroom

Decorative Coaching: Sandrine's teen bedroom

Our interior design coach helps readers of. Today, she advises Sandrine who wants to refurbish her daughter's bedroom. If, like Sandrine, you want advice on how to redecorate a room, try to win decoration coaching too!




** Gain brightness ** - Your current space is dark and overloaded, in particular because of the wooden paneling. To provide maximum light, paint the crawlers and beams in white satin finish. Decorative tip: With white, you will also bring lightness to the ceiling. - Paint the paneled walls in a beige-linen tone for a soft and natural atmosphere. Keep a wall base to sand and varnish in light oak to create a decorative headboard effect about 1m high Light tip: On the head wall, attach a window effect mirror in the center so that it reflects the light from the roof window and gives an impression of openness to the outside. Add another desk-side mirror to enlarge the space. ** Optimize the space in the bedroom ** - Stage the head wall (the one you see when entering) by placing your daughter's current bed in it to transform it into a bench. You can sand it to paint it white. - Accentuate the idea of ​​bench seat and horizontality by having on both sides 2 beautiful wicker trunks for decorative and practical storage - Arrange beautiful cushions for maximum comfort - Space tip: Ideally change the sense of opening the entrance door to the bedroom so that it opens towards the room and not towards the cupboards. ** Visually lighten up the space with hidden storage ** - Keep your current cupboards under the crawlboards, but hide them behind linen-colored curtains for more softness and consistency. Hide the rod behind the beam. - Optionally remove the doors from your storage for more convenience and easier accessibility. ** Create a cozy room in resonance with your daughter's tastes ** - Compose a universe of natural style by mixing materials such as wood, wicker, cotton, linen to evoke nature and the countryside. - On the color side: create a shades of linen-beige colors for a soft and natural atmosphere. Punctuate with touches of green to evoke chlorophyll (carpet, plaid) and for a cozy effect; energize this base with fuchsia accessories: pouffe, chair, cushion for a cheerful and feminine atmosphere. - Add winks to his passion for the horse with evocative accessories to compose a personal room for him: on the cushions or with the straw beanbag and the horse holder sticker to remind the style of a stable.


** Clear the space visually ** A multitude of photos and an accumulation of posters tend to stifle the space. Prefer 2 or 3 beautiful photos to frame and place above the desk. ** Create an office space ** In front of the bed, create a light and airy office space while being practical. Top it with a white shelf for beautiful photos. ** Create new storage ** Have 3 bookcases that you can decorate with drawers and / or baskets to create decorative and practical storage.


** Some planning advice for the bedroom space ** The problems you mention: insulation problems, lack of light, lack of electrical outlets would require a heavier renovation of your daughter's room and therefore a greater financial investment heavy with: - A recovery of the electrical circuit, (minimum 2 sockets per wall), - Thermal insulation (with possibly a thin insulation to avoid losing height) - A change of the roof window for a window with more dimensions generous, thermally reinforced As part of a larger work project, your idea of ​​recovering the passageway for the bedroom space is very interesting. This would create an alcove effect for installing your daughter's desk and thereby increasing the space in the bedroom.