How to properly clean your coffee maker?

How to properly clean your coffee maker?

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If your morning coffee has a questionable taste, if after leaving the shower your coffee maker is only halfway through its cycle, there is only one culprit possible. Everything is your fault! Bad and long coffee is only obtained through neglect. It is because you have postponed cleaning your filter coffee maker that we are at this stage. Now is the time to take out your household vinegar and take the following steps. As a reward, you can drink a good coffee!

An inventory

It must be admitted that the inventory is depressing: the coffee maker is clogged at all levels. There are the traces left by the coffee grounds, the splashes due to the manipulation of the object and obviously the descaling. Thorough cleaning of the coffee maker, starting from the inside.

Removable parts

Household appliances Start by removing all removable parts such as the permanent filter or the filter holder. You can clean them separately before starting your descaling because these parts are necessary for the continuation of the operations. Just wash them in hot soapy water to remove the dirt.

The miracle formula

Appliances To effectively descale your filter coffee maker, nothing like white vinegar. It is used by filling the jug with a mixture of half water and half white vinegar. The jug should be filled to the maximum with the authorized liquid in the coffee maker tank, but do not exceed this amount.

Filling the tank

Household appliances Once your jug ​​is full (I repeat, but above all do not exceed the authorized quantity), fill the tank of the coffee maker with this liquid. Do not worry about the quality of your coffee then, a rinse will completely remove the taste and smell of white vinegar, incompatible with coffee.

A switch to the vinegar

Household appliances Start your machine for the first time then switch off your coffee maker at mid-cycle. Let it sit for about an hour then restart the coffee maker to let your water and white vinegar mixture pass completely. Once the first cycle is finished, iron the same liquid for a second cycle, without a break in the middle this time.

A return to sweetness

Household appliances When the two cycles of the water and white vinegar mixture have passed, you can discard the liquid or reuse it to clean your stainless steel, for example. Replace with water and run two cycles to remove the last traces of white vinegar from your coffee maker. Above all, don't forget to go through this step otherwise your coffee will become undrinkable for a few days.

Soap and water

Household appliances Once the interior of the coffee maker is clean, proceed to the exterior cleaning. For this, use very hot soapy water. Normally the stains are easily removed and you shouldn't have any problems cleaning the whole. Do not try to clean your coffee maker with more aggressive solutions because you could get intoxicated with your coffee!

For difficult corners

Household appliances Cleaning your coffee maker can cause problems because some nooks are difficult to reach. To remove encrusted coffee grounds, use a more effective dish brush than a sponge. If the brush remains ineffective, take a cotton swab soaked in soapy water, it should come to grips with the last dirt!

One last check-up

Household appliances As soapy water may have passed into your tank or the filter compartment, restart a cycle with water one last time to remove all traces of soap. To clean your jug, it is possible to put it in the dishwasher but still take care to consult the instructions for use of your coffee maker or to call the brand's consumer service.