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8 ideas to decorate your ceiling

8 ideas to decorate your ceiling

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** If we are used to decorating walls, we do not think of adding a decorative touch to the ceiling. Make no mistake, it is not a question of wallpaper but of covering for walls and stretch ceilings, in polyester mesh. An original and design idea that will personalize your interior and adapt to any room in the house. Here is our selection. **

Fresh mint

ALYOS ### The ceiling is perfectly matched to the decor of the room. The green color gives off a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. One would almost perceive the scent of mint thanks to this singular coating. The imposing size of these leaves gives the impression of being in the middle of the forest. The perspective is amazing, as is the impression of reality that emerges from it. The room is as open to the outside and to nature.

Head in the clouds

ALYOS ### Imagine lying on a cloud in the sky. This is possible thanks to this truer than life coating. The entirely white bedroom reflects the image of a soft and comfortable cumulus. You are in the air, and this coating offers you a corner of paradise.


ALYOS ### With white flowers on a black background, there is bound to be contrast, especially since the kitchen furniture is just as black. The flowers are thus highlighted, the black background does not give the impression of a false ceiling and the flowers seem to take shape in our reality.

Mother nature invites herself into your dining room

ALYOS This false ceiling is simply soothing. The garden area is no longer outside, it is now also part of your interior.

A little bit of softness

ALYOS ### Waking up gently, smelling the morning dew… that's what this coating inspires. There is something melancholy in this rose: it is closed, its colors are not highlighted, as if the day had not yet risen.


ALYOS ### Conversely, this flower is energizing and its colors are radiant and energizing. Its petals resemble trumpets that sound the hour of waking up! A refreshing bedroom coating!


ALYOS ### The ceiling merges with the furniture and gives the strange impression of cooking in the hollow of a tree. The color of the whole recalls that of the earth, that of a burrow. A sort of cocoon where the hood is like the natural extension of one of the tree branches of the covering. Paradoxically, despite the dark colors, the room remains very bright!