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A fountain in your garden

A fountain in your garden

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For an elegant and refined decoration in your garden, do not hesitate to decorate the space with a fountain. Different models exist to create originality and surprise on the outside. Zen, classic, contemporary ... overview of the fountains that invite relaxation and well-being.

A cast iron fountain

Leroy Merlin Romantic and refined, hard not to crack in front of this pretty green cast iron fountain. Installed in the middle of a massif of country flowers, the result is superb! 179 euros

A garden fountain

Amazon Fully autonomous, this fountain whose water flows like a waterfall can also accommodate in spaces provided for this purpose, some plants and flowers. A real haven of peace. 144.99 euros

A contemporary fountain

Leroy Merlin Like a waterfall, the water from this ultra contemporary fountain pours into a small pile of polished pebbles. 279 euros

A discreet fountain

Leroy Merlin With its wooden color, this plastic fountain blends perfectly into every corner of the garden. 98.50 euros

An authentic fountain

SAS All dressed in stone, this model reminds us of the fountains installed in the villages of the south of France. Ideal, if this is the atmosphere you want to give in your garden. Price upon request

A cascading fountain

Ubbink Thanks to its three basins, the water from this fountain flows slowly and meets the requirements of lovers of calm and relaxing Japanese gardens. 159.90 euros

A black stone fountain

Leroy Merlin To combine old-world charm and modernity in the garden, nothing like this fountain in black reconstituted stone. 140 euros

A waving fountain

Ubbink This fountain, which can be placed both indoors and outdoors, surprises with its curved appearance on which the water flows almost without noise. 669 euros

A small fountain

Ubbink If you do not have the space to install a large fountain, it does not matter. There are also small and very elegant models that will take care of the show. 149 euros

A Zen fountain

La Redoute With its white pebbles and its water-flowing balls, this fountain would delight in a Zen garden. 189 euros

A soothing fountain

Primrose Bring a touch of tranquility to your garden by adopting this charming fountain. The soft and soothing sound of water flowing from the tap to the bucket, then from the bucket to the barrel creates a framework conducive to relaxation and well-being. 109.99 euros

A graphic fountain

Smart Solar Thanks to four stone slabs of different sizes and superimposed, this fountain is very graphic in the garden. 139 euros

A zinc fountain

Tonton Zingueur Authentic and again very fashionable, zinc also takes the form of decorative fountains. We love this corner model which perfectly matches the angle of the terrace. Deco and space saving! Price upon request

A fountain in a barrel

Ubbink Looking for a homely family-style fountain? Here is the model all found! A barrel-style tank, a pretty metal pump, the latter will create the decor in the blink of an eye. 135 euros

A jar as a fountain

La Redoute Jolie this fountain which takes the form of an old stone jar. With its plaited resin base, it will have no trouble pleasing yourself alongside your garden furniture of the same style. 155 euros

A refined fountain

La Redoute For those who prefer straight and clean lines, know that some models play completely the card of modernity. And the result is just as pretty! 449 euros

A fountain for birds

Amazon This pretty fountain in which birds can easily hang their bath has the advantage of running on solar energy and of having a memory function in order to activate at your favorite times. 159.99 euros

A ceramic fountain

Amazon Directly exposed to the sun, this ceramic fountain produces a four-level waterfall. A beautiful ornament for the garden, the terrace or even the balcony. 89.30 euros

An imposing fountain

Amazon Finally, if you want your fountain to be the queen of the garden, choose a model that impresses. Surprise: the jet of it rises slowly and creates the spectacle. 56.42 euros


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