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10 bamboo flooring

10 bamboo flooring

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Want to cover the floor of the house in a natural, exotic or ecological spirit? Bamboo coverings are made for you! A trendy solution that is becoming more and more essential in the face of wooden coatings to (re) discover in pictures here:

Solid bamboo flooring

Saint Maclou ### Lovers of solid parquet, why not swap the traditional oak parquet for chic and very robust bamboo parquet at the same time? The strips of it come directly from the trunk of these exotic trees so that their natural beauty makes the interior travel.

Light bamboo solid parquet flooring

Saint Maclou ### Another version of solid bamboo parquet, this time with a caramel brown color, ideal for injecting natural warmth into the interior.

Bamboo floating floors

Saint Maclou ### With its 'extra matt varnish' finish and its dark color, this bamboo parquet floor gives character to the interior while bringing it a little spicy side.

Bamboo rolls

Saint Maclou ### The particularity of this fair: having bet on raw bamboo rolls to surround yourself with a travel mood and natural sweetness.

Adhesive bamboo blades

Saint Maclou ### Nice example of a floor with a natural look and easy to install with these large adhesive bamboo blades.

Adhesive bamboo blades

Saint Maclou ### Covered with adhesive bamboo strips, the floor gives the house a delicious exotic note from elsewhere.

Bamboo floating floors

Saint Maclou ### The bedroom is surrounded by floating bamboo floors. A bias of Asian inspiration which gives a Zen and relaxing atmosphere to the space, very conducive to rest.

Bamboo slats

Saint Maclou ### Natural color gradation for these bamboo slats that cover the living room floor. The rendering is warm and promising of an immobile change of scenery!