The most unusual dressing rooms

The most unusual dressing rooms

There are those who do not attach great importance to the storage of the dressing room, and those who think just the opposite. They show imagination and multiply the decorative tips to give a look sometimes chic, sometimes wacky to the space devoted to their wardrobe. To inspire you, we have selected 10 dream dressings.

The wardrobe in total pink look

Casa - Tinsley Hutson Wiley For singles or girls who do not have a demanding husband, we can sometimes find candy pink assumed in the wardrobes. Feminine and girly, you feel like a Paris Hilton and the dressing room becomes one of the house's favorite rooms. Flashy pink on the walls, the floor and the decoration, and the total look is respected. Source: Casa & Tinsley Hutson Wiley

The wardrobe with iconic furniture

Soulmakes - Design Love Fest In a very bohemian-style dressing room, there is often a flagship piece of furniture, an object that occupies the most important place in the room. Here it is the "peacock chair" which sits enthroned in the dressing room and brings the perfect "hippie chic" look which fans of long lace dresses love. Source: Soul Makes & Design Love Fest

The 100% industrial wardrobe

Clower Lee - Deco Adventure Du recovered and industrial, and voila! On one side we installed a system of hoist pulleys and chains to create a dressing room on which we hang clothes in powdery colors; the assumed lag is awesome. On the other, same principle, we recovered industrial pipes to form different heights, play with his clothes and break the too raw style of scrap. Source: Oh Joy & Aventure Deco

The exotic dressing room

Atlanta Homes - The Stylesaliste Influenced by the old style and the vintage furniture, you can only love this type of dressing. The colors are soft, in a khaki monochrome with beige and natural colors, we love it! Source: Atlanta Homes & The Style Saloniste

The organized kitsch clutter

Apartment therapy For girls with an astonishing look, here is a wardrobe that may please you. Here, we love the mix of prints and clothing colors with an eye-catching and kitsch decoration. Be careful, however, not to fall into ridicule, correctness is essential! Source: Apartment therapy

The luxury wardrobe

Mix and chic - Timothy de Bell Even if money doesn't always mean discretion, this is the case here. In custom-made dressings, no space is left useless, storage is maximum. There is nevertheless a part which displays the clothes or shoes, which allows you to admire its most beautiful designer pieces. Source: Popsugar & Mix and Chic

The clever wardrobe that we hadn't thought of

Solid frog - Lonny You don't always have to use ease but rather stand out, divert and be original but chic. The proof in pictures, with these small glass cupboards in which you can nicely align your shoes. Source: Apartment therapy & Lonny

The invisible wardrobe

A fresh dill - Shelter interior design In these rooms dedicated only to the dressing room, the garment and the accessory stand out more than the storage itself. This is done on purpose to create a showroom atmosphere. We love ! Source: Lovely Happenings & Shelterinteriordesign

Little princess’s wardrobe

Kidspacestuff - Hgtv home Children also have the right to their dream wardrobe when the space available is sufficient. These lucky princess dressings in powdery colors have been awarded to lucky little girls from an early age. They're going to be jealous… Source: Kidspacestuff & Hgtvhome