The mosaic garden of Asnières sur Vègre

The mosaic garden of Asnières sur Vègre

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Here, no chemical fertilizer, weedkiller, waste of water, weeds, tiller, ... everything is done to promote ecology. "* It is above all a garden through which I wish to share with the greatest number my passion for a preserved nature and always richer in biodiversity, thanks to simple gestures applicable by all, regardless of the size of its garden . * "gives us Philippe Grandy. This is the story of a young garden like no other. A confusing garden for many of us, but a garden which has not forgotten aesthetics and which knows how to combine varieties better than any other. A garden that lets nature do its work and accompanies it rather than taming it. And for the first time in France, a new ecological label "Ecojardin" is being validated on this pilot garden. This label will be awarded to gardens that have created biodiversity, and will reward virtuous working methods. It is not only a magnificent garden, it is an exemplary garden.

Nepetas and perennial poppies

Jardin Mosaique Each massif offers its own show: here, a nice mix of flowers in complementary colors.

Mixed lupins mixed

Jardin Mosaique The multicolored lupins raise their heads in a merry mess.

Old roses, pleasure for the eyes, fragrance and robustness

Jardin Mosaique Who is the most beautiful of all the rose garden?

The vegetable garden, abundant mulching and associations of plants

Jardin Mosaique Mulching is used everywhere: to start the beds as well as to ensure their maintenance. It keeps weeds at a distance and allows you to enjoy a loose, fresh and rich soil.

Flamed on Verbena from Buenos Aires

Jardin Mosaique Flowers are not the only ornaments in the garden: here, a flambé on a verbena from Buenos Aires.

Spring blooms

Jardin Mosaique Spring blooms: in a mixture, daisies, digitalis, calendulas raise their heads towards the sun.

The meadow… seven years later, with a panoramic view of the medieval village of Asnières sur Vègre

Jardin Mosaique La prairie… seven years later, with a bird's eye view of the charming medieval village of Asnières-sur-Vègre.

The plessis with spices

Jardin Mosaique A square of aromatics delicately delimited by a plessis.

Echinacea purpurea, ornamental, medicinal flower, and very attractive to insects

Jardin Mosaique Echinacea purpurea, an ornamental and medicinal flower, is very attractive to insects

Mixed chives, sorrel, rhubarb and strawberries

Biodiversity in the vegetable garden: chives, sorrel, rhubarb and strawberries form a gourmet square.

Bumblebees on echinops ritro

Jardin Mosaique Insects are active to collect pollen and fertilize the different plants while walking from one to the other. Here, the spectacle of two bumblebees on a blue thistle (Echinops ritro).

Multicolored chard and flowers mixed in the vegetable patch

Jardin Mosaique Multicolored chard and flowers mixed in the vegetable patch.

Soon fall

Jardin Mosaique Enchanting late afternoon walk in this alley. The garden begins to take on its fall colors.

The mosaic garden of Asnières sur Vègre

Jardin Mosaique Welcome to the rose garden which combines old and perennial roses.