Carpets on a spring air

Carpets on a spring air

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Take advantage of spring to provide your carpets with color and patterns. Green, pink, red, blue, stripes, stars, grid lines, circles dot a wind of renewal in your decor. After the long winter months and the rise of neutral colors, rediscover the pleasure of vibrant and stimulating tones.

Carpet in the colors of spring flowers

THE Edition These contemporary rugs are made from old kilim rugs. A meeting between tradition and modernity which marries and mixes warm colors.

Carpet with an aged effect, a new trend this spring

THE Edition This is probably one of the consequences of the vintage trend, but the weathered effect, as it has aged over time, is in order. A way to give soul to new objects.

Carpet in spring green

Pappelina Tender and fresh, the spring green undoubtedly evokes rebirth. To abuse if you want to breathe a breath of fresh air into your decor.

Striped carpet to wake up spring

Pappelina Sweden inspires decoration. A pioneer in the world of design, their vision of decoration inspires the entire planet. Lirette rugs, long and narrow with multicolored stripes, are a basic to adopt in any room of the house.

Carpet in the colors of a hail sky

Pappelina This rug features graphic white stripes on a storm gray background. A duo of shocking colors accentuated by the fine geometric patterns.

Grid carpet for spring structure

Pappelina Rigor is a hot topic that also affects carpets. With its immaculate white background, it hosts fine gray decorative stripes that make up a strict grid.

Fun carpets in the colors of a spring meadow

Pappelina These rugs draw their inspiration from the heart of Irish nature. Bright green, they are a boost of radiance in your interior.

Star carpet like a spring night

Pappelina Follow the footsteps of the hosts in a hallway or entrance hall by covering the floor with a long ragged rug with white stars.

Carpet that celebrates color, always in the spring!

Pappelina Green, blue, pink, yellow… come into the decoration in the spring. One way to give your floor a dose of boldness that is always effective in decoration.