10 DIY ideas with skateboards

10 DIY ideas with skateboards

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You have just fallen back on your old skateboards that were so loved as a teenager, and you don't know what to do with them? Above all, don't throw them out! With a little material, patience, and imagination, you can create furniture as original as practical! The proof in pictures with our 10 DIY ideas found on Pinterest.

A swing with a skateboard

Little bit funky Your little blond heads will fall in love with this easy-to-make swing! Bring an old board, drill holes to pass the rope, make strong knots, then pass your wooden dowels. All you have to do is hang it on a very solid tree branch. * Source: Little bit funky (//*

A shelf with a skateboard board

100 Layer Cake-let A skateboard board in blond wood, a roll of rope, hooks, here is the list of the material necessary to make this favorite bookshelf! * Source: 100 Layer Cake-let *

A library with skateboards

SkateMood To make this shelf with an urban look, collect several old skateboards, buy 4 steel threaded rods as well as 4 bolts. Drill holes at the four corners of the boards, pass the rods, then position the bolts. That's the job! * Source: Etsy *

A wall hanging with skateboards

WeareMFEO Before drilling your hole in the wall to install your wall hanging, position the metal support in a hole previously prepared on your old skateboard and then fix it to the wall. * Source: Etsy *

Accessories for entry with skateboards

Skate Home Here is a very practical kit for a return to school. For the mirror, stick a simple ice cream on a wooden skateboard and fix everything on the wall. For the coat hook, collect the 4 wheels from your board, attach them one next to the other, then install the result below the mirror board. * Source: Skate Home *

A small bench with a skateboard board

Maite Adán Practical and cute, these little benches will find their place in any room! Want to get started ? Paint or curl an old skateboard, build with wooden cleats of small feet, then fix everything. * Source: Maite Adán *

A shoe cabinet with skateboards

Jodeska To make this very practical shoe cabinet, pierce several notches in a simple wooden cabinet then slide the boards upside down to form shelves. * Source: Jodeska *

Stair treads with skateboards

Design Milk On is a fan of these stair treads made with skateboard boards! To do this, remove the wheels from the planks, paint them all in the same color as the floor, then fix with squares each plank so as to form a staircase. * Source: Design Milk *

A bookend with skateboards

Skate Home To make this original bookend, start by cutting a skateboard board in half. Glue a small piece of metal vertically to the center of each piece to hold the books. All you have to do is put it on a desk or in a library! * Source: Skate Home *