Cornouaille Botanical Park

Cornouaille Botanical Park

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A great traveler passionate about botany, a vast wasteland benefiting from the mildness of an oceanic climate. All the ingredients were there to make this sort of land one of the most remarkable botanical parks in France. In barely 30 years, Jean-Pierre Guegen has managed to gather 25,000 plants from 3,500 species from all over the world. Difficult to imagine, on these four hectares of Bigouden land, how rich your walk will be, the flora is so dense. The park shelters one of the most beautiful collections of camellias, but also of magnolias, azaleas, rhododendrons, maples, daylilies ... The Cornouaille botanical park is also a landscaped park, a water garden , a nursery and a museum of minerals. Next year the park will celebrate its 30th anniversary, says the gardener, who adds "* it takes this period for trees and shrubs to reach maturity! Gardening is also a matter of patience! *".

Cornouaille Botanical Park

Cornouaille Botanical Park Autumn goes so well with maple trees! At this time, as nature begins to slow down, these trees are dressed in intense colors, orange, red and yellow. They light up the late season and warm hearts.

Cornouaille Botanical Park

Cornouaille Botanical Park In spring, it is another type of conflagration that takes over the alleys. From March, the stars are the rhododendrons. Here too the colors are intense, and even more varied: red, pink, blue, purple… there is something for everyone. These species, very rare for some, have perfectly adapted to the oceanic climate of the park.

Cornouaille Botanical Park

Cornouaille Botanical Park This flower is that of Callistemon Pithoides, a small shrub with an astonishing flowering. It is indeed its flowers which give it the common names under which it is more widely known: bottle rinser, bottle rinser or bottle holder.

Cornouaille Botanical Park

Cornouaille Botanical Park In summer, the Cladastis Lutea is adorned with flowers in very fragrant clusters. In the fall, its orange-yellow foliage becomes the focal point. This tree, native to the southeast of the United States, is very widespread in European gardens, where it thrives readily as soon as it benefits from sunny exposure and fertile soil.

Cornouaille botanical park

Cornouaille botanical park We have now reached the level of the aquatic garden which hosts riverbank plants, shrubs and trees with cool, moist soil as well as aquatic plants. In the center of the scene, a Cornus Controversa Variegata whose long storied branches provide a beneficial shade to the neighboring vegetation.

Cornouaille Botanical Park

Cornouaille Botanical Park Summer is just beginning when the rock garden already sparkles. The star is undoubtedly escholtzia, also called California poppy. This pretty flower with finely cut blue green foliage is especially remarkable for the intensity of its orange-yellow petals. In the background, the digitalis hoist their large flower stalks to watch the fray.

Cornouaille Botanical Park

Cornouaille Botanical Park The Cornouaille Botanical Park brings together no less than 110 species and varieties of maple. Here, it is a Japanese maple that blossoms quietly. Its light foliage will take on flamboyant colors in the following weeks.

Cornouaille Botanical Park

Cornouaille Botanical Park A little more than half a hectare: this is the area occupied by the aquatic garden which takes advantage of this space to welcome a flora of remarkable richness.

Cornouaille Botanical Park

Cornouaille Botanical Park Beyond the constantly renewed perspectives due to the meanders of the banks, the aquatic garden owes some of its most beautiful scenes to the play of mirrors naturally offered by its calm waters.


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