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Recreate a natural setting

Recreate a natural setting

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To unwind after a hard day, what could be better than settling in a room with a Zen spirit? To help you recreate a very natural atmosphere, here are some ideas and decorative accessories to adopt.

Fabric armchairs

Archiproducts Furnishing a natural living room by combining design and refinement is not necessarily obvious. Then bet on fabric seat furniture for comfort and wooden feet for style like these armchairs created by AP Studio.

A meadow wall

4 walls Dominant color of a natural style, green is adopted in this wallpaper living room. To give volume to the room, choose it with a few patterns and cover a section of wall, like the one behind the sofa, to make it the central element of the decor.

A relaxing carpet

Maisons du Monde To soften the room, opt for a carpet with soft natural colors. With its fur appearance, it will warm up a tiled covering and dress a parquet floor in a Zen atmosphere.

A wooden and pebble lamp

Delamaison What could be more natural than raw wood and pebbles? Wearing a cotton lampshade, this small, very authentic table lamp provides softness and serenity to your interior whatever place you give it.

A low stool

Maisons du Monde To decorate the living room, bet on originality with furniture originally intended for the exterior. This wooden stool and very Japanese and Zen fabric will have no trouble finding its place around a coffee table of the same style.

Green accessories

Ikea To bring nature inside, we put on accessories that remind us of the garden. Floral linen, green cushions on the sofa, small potted plants on a shelf and voila!

Seagrass for soft soil

Leroy Merlin Inexpensive and easy to maintain, seagrass is the ideal covering for a living room with natural decor. If it is very warm when it completely covers the floor of the room, you can also bet on the carpet option which offers a less present aspect.

A Zen console

Planète Cocoon In a nature lounge, wood is in the spotlight. This rosewood console with clean lines brings a good touch of zen to the room. For decoration, you can place a stone Buddha or an assortment of small plants.

Clean walls

Leroy Merlin The paneling finds its letters of nobility in particular with this white finish. Perfect in a natural setting, it is easily installed on a wall and even on the ceiling by bringing a lot of light into the room.


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