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Ikéa presents its new 2014 collection for children

Ikéa presents its new 2014 collection for children

This spring, Ikéa is once again putting children in the spotlight with a nice collection of furniture and textiles. On the program: bright colors for the older children's room and pastel shades for the baby's sleeping area, childish patterns and practical furniture. What satisfy all your decorative desires. Discover in pictures 10 of these new features.

Vichy bed linen

Ikéa The essential Vichy motif will accompany your children throughout the night with this pretty green and white duvet cover. Her little extra to delight your children? Funny animal drawings.

Baby pastel

Ikéa In the nursery, we put more on soft colors with this taupe bed and pale pink bed linen. Favorite for the wallpaper in pastel tones that transforms the room into a small cocoon of delicacy.

A cloud cushion

Ikéa Very trendy for some time, the cloud-shaped cushion makes its appearance this season at Ikéa. Both decorative object and play for children, it will have no trouble to impose itself in a room.

Drawers under the bed

Ikea If your baby does not have a large bedroom or is sleeping in your own, it is important to think about the practical aspect. For this, you can adopt this bed which has three drawers in which you can store some clothes.

A powder pink shelf

Ikea To bring a touch of softness to the little ones' bedroom, opt for this very delicate powder pink shelf. Lightly decorated with a few accessories, it has a little effect, doesn't it?

Like portholes

Ikéa Funny this furniture whose handles strangely resemble small portholes of a boat. During the hide-and-seek games, your little blond heads can take a look through the opening to check if they have been spotted.

Childish patterns

Ikéa This season, children's bed linen is adorned with many childish motifs. Clouds, planes, suns, trains, little bears make the show on the sheets and duvet covers.

Sofa bed

Ikéa When baby grows up, you can transform his little bed into a very practical bench in a children's room. It will allow you to sit on them to prepare them, but they can also have fun during their games.

Pink for girls

Ikéa The famous Vichy pattern also plays with pink and white to the delight of little girls. Elegant, delicate and fresh, it is ideal to install in their bedroom this spring.