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Red Edition opens its boutique apartment in Paris

Red Edition opens its boutique apartment in Paris

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Finally ! Eight years after its creation, Red Edition opens its first store, imagined and arranged like an apartment. It is in the heart of the Marais in Paris that you can go for a stroll after making a quick call to the owners to warn them of your arrival. Presentation in pictures of this new Parisian address.

An aesthetic apartment

Red Edition Barely past the door, the tone is set! The furniture is displayed in several small rooms and offers a setting like at home. Difficult to resist!

120 square meters in the Marais

Red Edition In this 120m2 apartment located in the Marais, the brand's creations rub shoulders with superb Chinese finds, contemporary favorites as well as a few exclusive brands.

A coffee to decide

Red Edition After having made your small turn, know that you do not need to rush! This privileged moment continues over a coffee with some ideas and advice from your hosts.

Find out what's new

Red Edition Visiting the RED Apartment is also an opportunity to discover what's new "for real", like this magnificent marble coffee table with vintage lines and a resolutely contemporary look.

Discover the 50's buffet

Red Edition If like us, you are a fan of the 50's buffet, inspired by the dresser of the 50s, this is a great opportunity to admire its finishes!

Sit down!

Red Edition To make you live an experience, as if you were at home, you can take a seat around this blond wooden table that nicely recalls the 1950s.

Take a look at the fantasies

Red Edition Originale this tripod coffee table with a single blue foot reminiscent of the tray. You can not find ?

Enjoy the comfort of the armchairs

Red Edition Take the time to try out the brand's armchairs and sofas properly before buying. We are quick to settle down comfortably on the 120 model, our favorite!

Try all styles

Red Edition With these stagings, you have the opportunity to try several styles and find the right piece in the right color! Ideal for choosing your 50's coffee table in "small" or "large" and selecting the perfect color! ** The RED apartment ** 38 rue des Blancs Manteaux, Paris 4eme