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We dare the colored floor to brighten up the kids' room!

We dare the colored floor to brighten up the kids' room!

To put good humor in the children's room, it's not just the walls that come into play! You can also bet on the floor in vibrant colors to create a vitamin atmosphere in the blink of an eye. Can't you imagine the result? We have found for you 10 rooms with colorful floors!

A pastel pink floor

Ikea If you have chosen dark colored walls like blackboard paint, you will need a floor that breathes room while bringing a childish side. We then put on a pale pink vinyl that will feminize the black that settles on a wall.

Orange soil

Ikea Your child lives at 100 an hour? So he needs a dynamic colored floor that accompanies him in his daily life. Orange is therefore a very good color that will bring a dose of good humor while energizing the room.

Exotic green soil

Ikea Your child only dreams of excursions in the virgin forest? Why not recreate this atmosphere in your room! But rather than opting for green walls that could be stuffy, we put on a ground in a deep green!

Light blue soil

Ikea For a soft and romantic atmosphere, you can also use the floor! For this, we will put on a pastel blue vinyl that we can match the color of the walls to create an enveloping atmosphere.

A fuchsia pink floor

Saint Maclou Your little girl dreams of a princess bedroom? Pink is probably her favorite color that she would like to see on all the walls. Instead, offer a 100% girly fuchsia floor that will be less stuffy than pink walls.

Grass green soil

Alinéa Does your child spend his time in the garden? Give him a country atmosphere in his room using a green floor that will evoke fresh grass. It will then be up to you to create a country atmosphere!

Sky blue ground

Leroy Merlin To bring the color into a room that is too white, you can bet on a sky blue floor that will brighten up the room with delicacy. And to soften the room, we rather put on a carpet, ideal for children to play on the floor.

A multicolored floor

Saint Maclou To create a circus atmosphere with bright colors that settle on the floor, you can easily play with carpet tiles in bold colors like yellow, red and blue! A real fun decor!

A floor of two colors

Purpose Finally, be aware that by choosing two floors of different colors, you can delimit the spaces if the room is occupied by two children. Do not hesitate to have each child choose his color, checking that the two match well.