Minimalist interiors for inspiration

Minimalist interiors for inspiration

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Today, we do a great deal of cleaning with this selection of the most beautiful minimalist interiors. Living room, kitchen, loft, bedroom, hotel and studio decor adopt the minimum trend for maximum comfort of mind. Needless to say too much, the pictures speak for themselves.

Minimalism under the eaves

Entrance Fastighetsmäkleri Minimalism in all its whiteness for this space under the eaves revisited with ease. Light reigns supreme and the interior, as atypical as it is, immediately appears larger, more airy and more airy.

A minimalist hotel

Hotel San Giorgio Mykonos When hotels play the minimalism card, it furiously makes you want to go on vacation with the sign of relaxation. Landing on the island of Mykonos with this beautiful minimalist and bohemian hotel decor by Annabel Kutucu and Michael Schickinger. See you there, right now, right away ...

A minimalist seating area

Ferm Living Clean style for this minimalist and Scandinavian-inspired living room spotted at Ferm Living. Blue sofa with simple lines, abstract wall piece, subtle pendant lamp and marble coffee tables with tripod legs: simplification is pushed into every detail of the decor to create an interior with lightness and elegance.

A minimalist studio

Entrance Fastighetsmäkleri Great minimalism for this small studio free of all traces of superfluity. Each object, each plant, each touch of color takes a significant place and echoes the space that seems to stretch by a few square meters. This is the magic of minimalism!

A minimalist office

Tine K Home Minimalism spares no room in the house ... not even the office which does not escape the big house cleaning by the vacuum recommended by the KonMari method. In this interior imagined by Tine K Home, the gaze, free and rested, hangs on the details of the furniture, beautifully enhanced by the economy of means. We feel good.

A minimalist fireplace area

Ferm Living A wood basket with graphic design, a chair from the Herman collection, a kilim with minimalist graphic patterns… in this fireplace corner, the decorative objects become works of art in their own right. Even the green plant looks like a diva by the fire. Minimalism plays the alchemists of decoration!

A minimalist entry

Hübsch Interior In this interior, minimalism is discovered from the front door. A wooden coat hook, a bench with strict lines, some storage accessories: it's simple, it's efficient, it's airy. No mercy for the frills!

Minimalist cuisine

Entrance Fastighetsmäkleri We continue with this bright kitchen where whiteness is a decorative element in its own right. Industrial-style stools, green plants and stainless steel cooking utensils stand out in the same way as cast iron heating. Everything is in its right place.

A minimalist bathroom

San Giorgio Mykonos Hotel Back to the San Giorgio Hotel in Mykonos which puts minimalism in the spotlight even in the bathroom. A wooden towel ladder, a stool, a wicker basket ... No more is needed to give the bathroom a pretty minimalist touch. Light, order and whiteness do the rest!