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Bucolic atmosphere in the house thanks to the wallpaper

Bucolic atmosphere in the house thanks to the wallpaper

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So that a fresh breeze blows in the house, we put on a decoration of bucolic style that we install using pastel wallpapers with romantic patterns. Discover our selection of wallpapers that are sure to bring cheerfulness and softness to your interior.

Romantic flowers

A3P Roses instantly create a romantic atmosphere in the room they dress. Ideal in the bedroom of a young girl, this wallpaper brings a retro and delicate atmosphere to the whole.

Contemporary foliage

A3P To provide a bucolic atmosphere in a contemporary interior, you can also bet on wallpaper that features stylized foliage in very modern colors and lines. The curves remain delicate for a refreshing style.

Contemporary flowers

A3P In the same way, you can also see flowers blooming on a contemporary style wall provided you choose a stylized and original pattern. With these soft colors, this wallpaper will install as well in a living room as in a bedroom.

Abstract vegetation

Ferm Living To give a rural and bucolic look to a room, this wallpaper puts on an abstract vegetation where the stems entwine and intertwine on a very vegetal green background.

Leaves invading the wall

Miss Print / Boutique 1962 To give the impression of being in a modern garden, you can also choose small leaves that will decorate the entire wall. White and green are sure to bring a very natural style.

Boudoir-style flowers

A3P With wallpaper, you can give your room an atmosphere in the blink of an eye. For a boudoir style for example, we will choose a wallpaper in pastel colors decorated with flower scrolls. A style with delicacy.

Bucolic animals

A3P To create a bucolic atmosphere, nothing like a few animals to enhance the purity of nature. The wallpaper is then adorned with birds and butterflies frolicking in the flowers.

A delicate color game

A3P Even by choosing very stylized or even abstract plant motifs, the bucolic atmosphere will be there if you choose soft and enveloping colors. Here the wallpaper plays with a monochrome to bet on delicacy.

Tone-on-tone patterns

A3P If you want patterns that are quite present in relief, for example, then prefer to play tone on tone so that your wallpaper remains delicate. The plant will give the bucolic atmosphere without suffocating the room.

Neutral colors

Little Greene Similarly, if you want to opt for a very present pattern that you will install on the entire surface of the room, prefer neutral colors such as a soft gray in order to maintain a bucolic atmosphere.