Choose the shape of your inground pool

Choose the shape of your inground pool

We do not choose the shape of our in-ground pool only because we saw one in the neighbor's house which we found particularly attractive ... Each form of pool, its advantages and disadvantages that must be kept in mind before deciding! Here are some indications before diving ...

Desjoyaux rectangular pool

Desjoyaux The rectangular swimming pool remains the sure value whatever the activities which one will devote oneself in the water. Its long shape of course allows you to swim perfectly. It also makes it possible to make the pool deeper in places, something difficult to do with a round pool! Obviously, on the aesthetic side it is not very elaborate and therefore remains very classic.

Waterair oval pool

Waterair Compromised between the round and rectangular pools, the oval pool remains long enough to be able to swim in it comfortably and to choose to make one side deeper than the other. Its curves are aesthetic in your garden. Its shape remains classic but we can't blame it for its too strict right angles!

Waterair bean pool

Waterair You can also opt for a kidney shaped pool. It is an oval shaped pool that has been curved on the sides. It is therefore much less conventional than other forms of swimming pool, and brings a touch of softness and modernity to your exterior. In addition, you can still swim quietly following the curves of the pool. However, on the maintenance and protection side, if you were thinking of choosing a swimming pool cover, think that this form seems more difficult to find!

Waterair customizable pool

Waterair To tell the truth, you can design a fully personalized swimming pool according to your desires, the terrain and the space you have. Professionals will be there to offer you tailor-made services provided you pay the price!…

L Waterair Pool

Waterair… You could for example decide on an L-shaped pool!