Maisons du Monde presents its 2015 outdoor collection

Maisons du Monde presents its 2015 outdoor collection

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It is under a beautiful blue sky that the editor went this morning to the presentation of the new outdoor collection from Maisons du Monde. Aperitifs, lazing around, meals with friends on the terrace, the brand has thought of everything while offering large benches for entertaining, small lounge areas for moments of intimacy and large soft beanbags to relax. Presentation in pictures.

A natural living room

To be in perfect harmony with your garden, we recommend this small blond wooden living room with exotic lines. Its little more contemporary: the black color of the cushions that makes all the difference.

A picnic table

We are in love with this raw wood table which reminds us of the picnic tables that we usually find in the parks. And to be out of sight, consider adding artificial boxwood hedges all around.

A cozy pouffe

To relax on weekends after a hard week as soon as the weather arrives, we put on large sober or colorful beanbags according to our desires. What is certain is that we will be there!

Doe or sheep?

Say goodbye to traditional garden gnomes and make room for this sheep or doe made of resin. They may surprise more than one!

A relaxed bench

A real favorite for this small bench seat with adjustable armrests. A lowered armrest: here you are with a pleasant sunbathing. Two armrests lowered, and two more guests can sit there. Practical, aesthetic, we say yes!

Pretty wrought iron

Do you like authentic furniture? You will love this table accompanied by its wrought iron chairs. Add a few olive trees here and there, and take your garden to the south of France.

A sofa like a cocoon

This lightly grayed-out Kubu rattan sofa reminds us of a little bird's nest. Ideal for creating a small garden furniture with a hyper cocoon atmosphere.

Woven rattan for nature's desires

We fell in love with the Formentera range which can find its place both outdoors and indoors. Imagined in woven rattan, it is important to reserve it for sheltered use because it does not support the rain!

Pep in the garden

This summer, do you want good humor to reign in your garden from morning to night? Nothing could be simpler with this colorful metal furniture. The plus: a carpet specially designed for outdoors to warm everything up!


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